Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Keaira Lashae YouTube Fitness Videos

Keaira Lashae makes working out fun!

Remember my fitness goals at the top of the year? Yeah those. Well, um. What had happened was…I’ve only managed to pull off a couple of those goals thus far. Like most planning brides, I definitely want to be as toned as possible for my wedding day but the days following my nuptials are (even more) important, too. This is about making a lifestyle change. The truth is I always feel better after working out but the discipline to start is — grrr! However the other day I stumbled upon a Keaira Lashae video.

I might be tardy to the Keaira Lashae party, so those of you are already aware of this YouTube sensation please grant me a late pass. As the young kids say, Keaira Lashae is the truth! Lashae, a Florida native and professional dancer turned fitness guru, has a plethora of fun yet result-driven instructional videos on the Web. Wanna salsa your way to flatter abs? Have you been wanting to join the Zumba craze but would rather try it from the comfort of your home? My personal fave of the moment is the sexy Valentine’s Day video (great beyond February 14th…) and I’m anxious to try the Fast and Furious Abs video because I really want to work on my midsection.

You might be wondering what makes Lashae’s routines any different than the dozens of other fitness DVDs targeted to brides. Well, even though Lashae has a bangin’ body and is an awesome dancer, she isn’t intimidating the way I’ve found many of her peers can be. (And don’t get me started on how intimidating the gym can be.) She’s also funny and has a warm personality. Plus, she offers lifestyle motivation throughout her workouts — and not the corny sappy kind but the type that feels like a true friend who wants to help you win. Her nutritional tips are an added plus. But the absolute best part is her workouts are FREE (!) and accessible from your cozy living room with the help of your laptop.

I'm hoping Lashae (above) will help me dance my way into better shape for -- and after -- my wedding day!

After a little digging I learned that Lashae is part of the Daily Burn team of fitness instructors. For ten bucks a month, Lashae and a host of other trained pros will whip you into shape anytime, anywhere in a structured format. Pretty cool concept that I might consider investing in it myself. But for now I’m enjoying the free YouTube access I have to Lashae’s routines.

How are you progressing with your 2013 fitness goals? Are you currently trying to lose weight, inches or just get more toned for your wedding day? Have you tried any of Keaira Lashae’s workouts? If so, have you noticed positive results?

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  1. In an attempt to be more financially fit, I have considered ending my gym membership. If these videos are able to challenge me and produce results I may be one step closer to closing my membership. Thanks

  2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Erica J. – Pls come back in a few weeks and share your feedback after trying a few videos. I had to come to the conclusion that standard gym memberships don’t work for me (and I’ve been given two free ones at different stages of my life). However I must find the right formula and I think Lashae’s YT videos can be PART of that formula.

  3. Avatar Erica J. says:

    I sure will share any progress and feedback. However, it may be 2-3 weeks before I begin. Good luck with your efforts.

  4. Dancing is definitely a good idea. But have you thought about trying out intermittent fasting?

    I have been trying it out for the last month and am a total convert. It definitely works on the weight loss front. There are several best sellers on Amazon about it. Just Google it.

    Of course the exercise is always good. But losing weight is 70% diet. So if you get that right then the rest slots into place easier.

  5. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @EJ – Same 2 u!

    @Sally – I actually have thought about fasting (maybe a juice fast?) but I need to do more research w/ reputable sources. Thanks for the comment.

  6. So, 1 day after you post this, Daily Burn comes up as an ad on my Pandora…Even if you are late to the party, you’re still ahead of the curve, B.
    I have to reinforce (part of) @Sally J’s comment and say that, for many of us, it’s more about what we choose to put INTO our bodies and when we do so that makes it so difficult to lose weight/sculpt the physique we desire. As a physician, I don’t endorse non-spiritual fasting but I do stand by eliminating certain foods and focusing on high-value foods with fiber content (= less meat, more servings of healthy plant protein, more FRESH veggies and fruit). If you plan to gain the weight back, physical fasting is a proven method since it’s not a lifestyle you can maintain for a lifetime. Check with your healthcare team before taking diet advice from ANYone, though.

  7. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Ronda – Thank you! xo

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