Psst…Our Anniversary is Coming!

Do you know what time it is? No, really. Do you know what next week marks for Triple B?! It’s OUR ANNIVERSARY that’s what! [Somebody turn up the Tony Toni Tone dogonit.]

On April 26, 2010, officially launched. Yep, we’re rapidly approaching the three year mark so the Triple B family is uber-excited. So much so that all of next week’s content will be dedicated to anniversaries. It will be like Marriage Matters on steroids. Wait until you see what is in store. You don’t want to miss it; start spreading the word now!

Find some bliss in your day and enjoy it!

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  1. Avatar Erica J. says:

    Wow! I wish I knew about BBB from the beginning, but sure am glad I discovered the site when I did. Congratulations! You have been a huge resource for my girls and me. Your posts about recent weddings always makes me feel better about beautiful sisters. Your site shows that you don’t need to “act a fool” for recognition.

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, cousin. Congratulations. I would have been involved sooner, but I didn’t know we were family.

  3. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Erica – Thank you so much! (I might have to add your comment to the Triple B TESTIMONIALS page… ;-)

    @Cous’ Mars – HAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks cuz.

  4. Avatar SpikesDtr says:

    Congratulations on Black Bridal Bliss’ anniversary! I so agree with Erica’s comment. I’m awfully proud of you, Bridgette.

  5. Congratulations!!! It’s hard to believe that it was three years ago that you told me to check out Black Bridal Bliss and I know some of the trials and tribulations you have endured through the years to get to this point. I want to tell you to be encouraged and continue doing what you’re doing because you are hardworking, driven, intelleigent and talented so follow your dreams and the best is yet to come. Be blessed. I love you.

  6. I misspelled “intelligent”, sorry about that.

  7. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Mommy – I will never be able to thank you enough but “thank you”! Love you, too.

  8. Great work B! I am so excited that this venture has grown for you. You stepped out on faith, despite the nay-sayers, and have created a beautiful resource that I check-in with so often that my fiance thinks I may have a problem. I can admit it- I am addicted to positive images of women of the African Diaspora and those who love us! Keep going and I will remember to mention BBB to every vendor I meet through the process as a planning bride.
    Love forever.

  9. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Ronda – Thank you SO MUCH for your continued support of BBB! It means more to me than you realize. xo Love ya

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