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As promised, today kicks off a week-long celebration of’s 3rd anniversary! Starting things off are Noemi and Smile; a lovely addition to Marriage Matters. Keep reading for their unique points of view on having children as newlyweds, in-laws and overcoming the fear of saying “I do”.'s Marriage Matters Presents: Noemi & Smile

Couple: Noemi & Smile
Wedding Date: August 8, 2008
Wedding Location: Steiner Studios Abigail Kirsch, Brooklyn, NY
Children: Jolie, 4 and Delano, 3


Learning as We Go
I didn’t have any expectations about marriage. I had nothing to compare it to; my parents are divorced. I didn’t know what a good marriage was. Smile did. His parents are still married so Smile took the lead. But we learned we have to establish our own set of marriage rules; not just rely on what worked for his parents. We had to find out what worked for us — that was a big turnover in our marriage and that happened in the first year or two.

Hardest Job…Ever
Children are definitely a lot of work. Being a mother is the hardest job I’ve ever had and I’m an attorney so that says a lot. We had Jolie the first year of our marriage so we didn’t really have a “honeymoon period” of marriage. If you have the right partner you know you can do it.

My BFF = Bliss
While we were dating, Smile and I broke up. We weren’t together for four years. But, we still ended up back together. That’s how I knew he was my soul mate. We’re best friends. To have chemistry with your best friend? It doesn’t get any better than that.

Noemi’s favorite wedding ceremony memory: I felt like everyone that was at our wedding genuinely cared about us. No, they’re not with us everyday while we’re married but at that moment [when we said our vows] they were there for us and that meant the world to me.

Noemi’s favorite wedding reception memory: We wanted our reception to be multi-cultural and reflective of our backgrounds (Their combined nationalities include African, Chinese and Dominican.) Our friends called our wedding the U.N.! [laughs] It was magical and truly ours.


Conquering Marriage Jitters
I had some nervous energy regarding the major changes that [marriage would bring]. The thought of starting this new journey where I’d have someone depending on me was the closest feeling to a fear. I don’t think I communicated this fear to Noemi prior to our wedding. I guess she’ll know now.

…And Babies Make Four
Our children have caused me to view life totally different than I did prior to being a father. I’ve grown into a better person as a result. I’ve found the biggest challenge may have been our need to adjust to different personalities. Before long, there were a total of four personalities in my home. Two of those remain in the developing stage and two remain in an adjustment stage.

My Biggest Cheerleader
Noemi’s energy gives me the most bliss. She puts her all into everything she does. She is determined to reach a goal once it is set. In addition, she always speaks highly of me to others. This makes me feel appreciated and valued.

Smile’s favorite wedding ceremony memory: My fondest memory of the wedding is the support I felt from relatives and friends. It felt like loved ones truly supported the journey that was about to begin.

Smile’s favorite wedding reception memory: The reception went by so fast that I don’t remember too much about it. It seemed as though everyone was having a great time. I guess the fondest memory is knowing that our celebration was a joyous event for many others.

Child's Play: Jolie & Del hangin' at the beach!

Share your thoughts on Noemi and Smile’s insightful interview below!

[Reporting by Cousin Mars.]

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    1. Erica J. says:

      OMG, I love the picture of the kids on the beach. I’ve heard several wives share Noemi’s realization…”…establishing our own set of marriage rules.” I guess you never know until you’re actually married.

    2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      @Erica – Yes, that beach pic is simply precious. And regarding every couple establishing their own set of marriage rules…I’ve heard both men and women express those sentiments. I don’t think it is odd to look to your parents as marriage role models if you think they have/had a pretty solid union. I know I did. Thankfully, my mother was truthful w/ me in expressing that she and my father EVOLVED into the parents I came to know. There were many growing pains in their marriage that I wasn’t privy to; they were constantly working, growing, learning…

    3. As a mom and attorney, I can say being a good mother is definitely the more challenging of the two jobs for me too. As I’m sure Noemi knows, the kids provide so much joy that I wouldn’t have it any other way. They were the best gift ever given to me.

    4. Zenobia Hatcher-Wilson says:

      Congratulations Noemi and Smile on the 1st 4+ years of marriage; you sound like you have the right tools to continue into forever after. Thanks for sharing your story.

    5. Noemi and Smile are a terrific couple – and they’ve created a wonderful family! It’s so nice to read about how they worked, together, to make this dynamic unit thrive and grow. :)

    6. Happy Anniversary to both, BBB & the featured couple. Its refreshing when I here couples express that they are truly best friends. It is a shame that this isn’t the case more often.

    7. Stay blessed. Looks like a good union.

    8. Anonymous says:

      Enjoyed reading Noemi and Smile’s story. The kids are soooo cute.

    9. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      Thanks for the positive feedback on Noemi & Smile’s feature all!

    10. SpikesDtr says:

      I just love the wedding party photo. It’s so “Harlem Renaissance.” The children’s photo is so loving, as if big sis is saying “don’t worry, I got you.” Beautiful!

    11. Thanks to God for blessing both you and the beautiful children. Noemi & Smile! you make me so proud.
      Love you guys!

    12. Best wishes and blessings to both of you and children. As stated by Smile, I agree that one of the biggest challenges is adjusting to different personalities. Its a never ending transition during a marriage that couples have to be aware of in order to be successful, and make it past the difficult times.

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