Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – C. Wonder Accessories

Initial Mania!

Blame it on my father since he bought me everything under the sun with my initials on it when I was a little girl; but I’m a bona fide sucker for most things monogrammed. In my adult years I learned many other people feel this way, too. (Insert sigh of relief here.) And I recently learned that C. Wonder has a great assortment of personalized items that make awesome bridesmaid gifts. Find out why:

Last Christmas I received a few C. Wonder items from a former intern and since then the brand resurfaced in my life a few times. C. Wonder has everything from stationery, mugs, coasters and plates like mine above for less than $40 and as low as $10. All the items are stylish and would certainly make your bridal party smile upon receipt. They look and feel a lot more expensive. Look out for the monogrammed cheese board set to add to your gift registry! The brand also has clothing and fashion accessories but I’m most smitten with the personalized selection of goods. Whether you go to C. Wonder route or not, remember it doesn’t take a lot of money to let your folks know you appreciate them.

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    1. Zenobia Hatcher-Wilson says:

      I, too, love monogramed stuff for me, my children, grandchildren and the many little nieces and nephews running around. It’s a great thing!

    2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      @Aunt Zee – Now that I think about it, you certainly did get us a lot of monogrammed stuff growing up, too. I specifically remember a pink towel set with ballerina slippers and my name underneath. So I have you to thank for this obsession of mine as well! Love ya xo

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