Fun Times at the Black Bride Brunch! founder Bridgette Bartlett at the 2013 brunch in Brooklyn, NY!

Last Sunday, Triple B headed to the planet of Brooklyn for a fun brunch sponsored by Owner Mary Chatman really rolled out the red carpet for Triple B (Thanks again, Mary!). Held at the quaint Akwaaba Bed & Breakfast owned by my former boss Monique Greenwood, Triple B friends C.K. Alexander of Love Ink and Fallon Carter of Fallon Carter Weddings ensured the event was a treat from beginning to end. There was an informative panel discussion moderated by ESSENCE Relationships Editor Charreah Jackson, a fashion show featuring designs from Therez Fleetwood,

an awesome Harlem Renaissance theme which guests totally got into, talented vendors/exhibitors including Ilene Squires Photography and LBV Designs, a great gift bag, oh and…a tasty brunch by Tom Cookery! A great time was had by all and it was a sincere pleasure to be in the company of so many positive Black women in support of another Black woman’s venture. Who says all women are catty? Congrats on a fab event, Mary and! Check out more pics from the day below:

Bridgette Bartlett & Mary Chatman talk weddings and more at the brunch.

The talented Therez Fleetwood happily showcased a new collection during the brunch.

Bridgette & Charreah (wearing a fly fuchsia fascinator): Former cubemates still spreading love!

[All images by G.A.R.]

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    1. Zenobia Hatcher-Wilson says:

      BBB is opening up a new world for me of the bridal industry vis a vis for brides of color. It makes me look forward to my 50th wedding anniversary. I’m going to do it up!

    2. Please share the 50th wedding anniversary with the site. I’m sure reading about that celebration will not only encourage me. I’m inspired by these types of stories.

    3. Seem like you had a great time. Continue enjoying during what you like to do……….

    4. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      @Aunt Zee – You KNOW the 50th wedding anniversary will be featured on Triple B! By then, Triple B might even have a tv show so get ready — yes, I am putting that in the universe.

      @Nadia – You’re so not the only one. Thanks for the positive feedback.

      You should both revisit this Tie the Knot Tuesday story of a beautiful couple who renewed their vows in Jamaica for their 40th anniversary:

      @Oddie – Thank you; I’m certainly gonna try. ;-)

    5. Anon- Ltn says:

      Please get ZH-W and the Doc to offer even more advice for younger (meaning 30s & 40s even) couples to feed on. That 50th Feature will be amazing!

      B- TV? Awesome! I’m so excited to see you continue to grow.

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