Tie the Knot Tuesday – VaShonda & Kyle

Game Time: NFL Cornerback Kyle Arrington plants a sweet one on his bride, VaShonda

Couple: VaShonda & Kyle
Wedding Date: March 17, 2012
Wedding Location: (ceremony) St. Stephen Baptist Church, Temple Hills, MD; (reception) Marriott Hotel, Crystal City, VA
Children: Kyle Junior (aka KJ); two months old

Today’s Tie the Knot Tuesday meets Marriage Matters features the nuptials of NFL cornerback Kyle Arrington of the New England Patriots and his lovely wife VaShonda (who he affectionately simply calls “V”)!


High School Sweethearts…Not! I remember Kyle from high school but we only spoke in passing. It wasn’t until after we graduated from college that we became friends and would hang out in groups. We were both in relationships with other people. I never looked at him that way and I doubt he looked at me that way. This went on for a couple of years. At some point neither of us were in a relationship and around 2010 we started dating.

Gentle Giant Kyle was a true gentleman when we dated — and he still is. I’ve always demanded a certain level of treatment from guys but Kyle took it to a higher level. You have the groupies [in the NFL]…They exist. But because of the respect Kyle has for me, I’ve never had to question anything. No one has stepped out of line. I truly am blessed.

Father Knows Best My family is a big deal. I’m definitely a Daddy’s Girl. My mom and I also have a strong relationship. It was important to make sure my parents approved of [my union with Kyle]. I knew they would because my parents love him. However, there would have been major issues if he didn’t ask for my dad’s permission. Before Kyle and I got to the point where he proposed, I asked my dad what he thought of Kyle. My dad said Kyle was a stand-up guy and very respectful.

VaShonda’s favorite wedding reception memory: There was non-stop dancing for the entire reception! Everyone danced all night. It was a true party. At one point, both of our parents along with Kyle and I were dancing on the floor at the same time.

*BONUS* Confessions of a Footballer’s Wife: Some people are attracted to this lifestyle — dating a basketball or football player. That was what I tried to stay away from; I had plenty of drive and determination on my own. When Kyle and I first started dating, I was a security data officer and often worked 12 hour shifts. I only stopped working after experiencing health complications while I was pregnant with KJ. It was a humbling adjustment; I’ve always been extremely independent.

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[All images by Laura Luis.]


Too Cool for School You can’t beat fate. She wasn’t ready for me in high school. She was a skinny quiet bookworm back then. I was too cool for school in high school. We ended up finding each other some how.

Homie, Lover & Friend We are both so silly. We don’t mind kissing and grabbing on each other sometimes. Always appropriate, though. Never inappropriate. I can’t get enough of her.

On Bended Knee I had V’s [custom made] ring over a month before I proposed.

Kyle’s favorite wedding ceremony memory: The flower girl was the funniest part of our wedding day. She was full of personality. After her walk down the aisle, she put the basket on her head…She was dancing…You know she was just being a kid. A true kid.

VaShonda’s Budget Tips For Future Brides

Liquor Costs! As far as wedding planning goes, the reception is where all of the money is spent. We did have an open bar and that was expensive. Kyle and I don’t drink. I occasionally have wine but he doesn’t drink at all. Couples planning should understand that liquor can really eat into their budget.

Flower Power We used the same flowers from the ceremony to decorate the tables at our reception.

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Triple B will follow-up with an exclusive feature from this down-to-earth couple on parenthood, married life and the reality of diaper duty. Stay tuned!

This story was co-reported by Cousin Mars.

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  1. Kyle seems like a good dude. Plus the Patriots are my team ! Congrats to hime & his queen.

  2. Avatar JazzLynn says:

    Congrats on a beautiful wedding. And the bride looks great after having a baby 2 months ago! Great motivation for me to look my best when I walk down the isle.

  3. Avatar Erica J. says:

    Wow! Frugal Florals is my favorite picture – only because it once again reminds me that regardless of a couple’s income & budget, cost cutting methods should be considered. I assume that they could have bought additional flowers, but WHY? They are a great looking couple.

  4. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone! These two are such a down-to-earth couple — funny, too.

    @EJ – I’m so glad you noticed and commented on that, re: frugal florals!

  5. Kyle helps to disprove the bogus argument suggesting Good Guys no longer exist. It is clear that he is genuinely a Stand-up guy. I know WE aren’t the only two remaining great ones (lol).

  6. I live when an athlete/celebrity gets married to someone “around the corner.”

  7. I love when an athlete/celebrity gets married to someone “around the corner.”

  8. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Mars – LOL! Agreed. Once again, great reporting. ;-)

    @Nadia – Ditto!

  9. Beautiful!!

  10. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Oddie – Glad you enjoyed!

  11. Avatar Anonymous says:

    More people need to see stories like this. As a society, we celebrate the wrong ish and then wonder why younger generations are lost. Keep up the great work BBB! Congrats to Kyle & Vashonda.

  12. Avatar Evol Me says:

    Very lovely and beautiful wedding!! May God bless their union

  13. Avatar SpikesDtr says:

    Beautiful couple and sentiments. I’m impressed that the couple doesn’t drink. Having lost a family member to a drunk driver I’m against “open bar” affairs. It can sometimes encourage drinking. Blessings to this family!

  14. This couple seems so down to earth. I can’t believe he is a player for my favorite team & is just like a regular guy. His wife is so lucky. It is like she married Derwin early in his career (The Game).

  15. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Thank you all for the wonderful feedback!

    @Anon- Yes, images are far more powerful than most of us realize.

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