Target’s New Bridal Collection – Would You Buy These Gowns?

Wedding Wonder: This strapless satin column is less than $100 at Target!

As you might have heard, the mass retailer Target aka Tar-jay is now carrying a bridal collection. Yes, really. Now you can actually purchase your wedding dress from the same place you ordered your backyard patio furniture! The collection, sold exclusively online, launched with four wedding gowns, eight bridesmaids dresses and two flower girls dresses.The prices range from $69.99 to $129.99. Whoa. I’m really feeling this tulip skirt bridesmaid style in quartz grey. What I’m not feeling is the online-only purchase availability. While I realize a growing number of brides are purchasing their dresses online, I still feel this is a time when trying on a garment is key. The good news is Target has a liberal return policy. Since mass retailers like J.Crew and Bebe entered the recession-proof wedding market, it was only a matter of time before Tar-jay jumped on the bridal bandwagon.

Engagement rings and wedding bands at Wal-Mart. Wedding gowns at Target. What’s next? Only time will tell…

Do you think this is a genius or hideous idea? Weigh in below by taking the poll!

Would you purchase a Target wedding dress?

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  1. Avatar SpikesDtr says:

    We come in different sizes, styles, income levels and purchase power. I’m glad it’s available for those that can benefit from it. We’ve become “too grand.” If it’s not for you, don’t partake. If it is, go cyber shopping, girl!

  2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @SD – Thx 4 weighing in!

  3. I’m willing to check them out…

  4. While I may not want to buy my bridal gown at Tar-jay, that tulip-skirted b’maid dress looks great online! I do like to touch and test out gowns before purchasing but, it looks like a very reasonable option since the cut and fabric are both somewhat forgiving for various figure types. At $70, I’d just order 1 as a test then, if satisfied, have my ‘maids order early to allow for returns and alterations. Good job BBB in highlighting the multiple paths to making one’s dream wedding possible.

  5. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Jackie – Good for you!

    @Ronda – Isn’t that tulip skirt frock ca-yute?!

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