Celebrities Getting Hitched Summer 2013!

RHOATL star Nene Leakes is preparing to be a bride again this summer.

Summer 2013 wedding season has begun! Have you attended any weddings yet? (Remember, Triple B is always searching for real-weddings to feature in Tie the Knot Tuesday.) In addition to your cousins, church members, college buddies and co-workers, there are several celebrities preparing to say “I Do” this summer. Here are the top three Triple B is most excited about:

Reality star Nene Leakes and her ex-husband Gregg (see above) are saying “I Do”…Again. Good for them. Never one to do things quietly, Nene will have camera crews following her for the extravaganza that we can all watch on Bravo — I Dream of Nene is set to air this fall. This is sure to be entertaining if nothing else.

Halle Berry and fiance Olivier

Whoa, 2013 is proving to be a big year for Ms. Berry! The Oscar winner is expecting her second child and is engaged to marry her beau and fellow actor, Olivier. The beauty might delay her nuptials in light of her pregnancy but regardless of when it takes place, we hope the union is a healthy and happy one. This will be Berry’s third marriage.

Mellody Hobson & George Lucas

Talk about a p-o-w-e-r couple! Mellody is the head of investment firm, Ariel. She’s also a regular Good Morning America contributor and holds a laundry list of other notable credentials — Google her. Her honey George is the creator of Star Wars. (Yes, that Star Wars.) These two are scheduled to walk down the aisle later this month. The reason I’m most happy for Mellody? It isn’t because she’s marrying a billionaire but rather because society would lead us to believe a woman with her background, career and age (she’s pushing 45) isn’t able to be a bride. Hmph; I bet Mellody said, “Watch this!”.

Which wedding are you most looking forward to?

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    1. As a SciFi fan who grew up eating Star Wars movies (IV-VI) for breakfast, I was tickled pink when I found out that Mr Lucas was down with the swirl! This is my favorite since they’re really private citizens & haven’t let his mega-star status keep them in the tabloids- real power is behind the camera, not in front of it.
      I wish all of them the best, though. And is anyone else surprised to see wig-snatching NeNe turn into the elder stateswoman and peacemaker on RHOA???

    2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      Ronda – “…the real power is behind the camera…” Why don’t more of us “get” this?!

    3. Melody Hobson is often on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. She has such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom on financial matters, I love listening to her. I hope her love and happiness on her upcoming marriage.

    4. Spikesdtr says:

      Congratulations and best wishes to Melody and her beau. She’s marrying a “George” it’s all good (my father and son’s name). I respect GL for remaining steadfast in making Red Tail.

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