Black Bridal Bliss Father’s Day EXCLUSIVE Q&A with NFL’s Kyle Arrington

Lean on Me: Kyle (pictured) shares his joys and fears of fatherhood with Black Bridal Bliss!

Triple B will return to the regularly scheduled Tie the Knot Tuesday programming next week. Today however, please enjoy the exclusive interview Cousin Mars snagged with NFL corner back Kyle Arrington — who has been married just over one year — on marriage, manhood, being an unperfect father to his infant son Kyle, Jr. and the funny pet peeve he has regarding his wife VaShonda’s hair. Plus, Kyle shares his Father’s Day wish list with Triple B. 

Cousin Mars: What part of being married has surprised you the most?
Kyle Arrington: Us adjusting to living with one another. We didn’t live together prior to being married. I had to get used to seeing hair on the floor and picking up after her. The wife thinks I’m OCD – I’m just neat. I’m neat and she is messy.

Mars: Did you expect to become a father so soon after marriage?
Arrington: I’ve always said I wanted to have kids young; at 22! Later I realized 22 was too early. I was fresh out of college and just starting my career. I had to reevaluate things. Now I’m a husband and father…Yeah, it has been a crazy year to say the least. 

Black Baby Bliss: Kyle, VaShonda and baby KJ are all smiles!

Mars: What about being a father has surprised you most?
Arrington: The number of pampers that a baby runs through a day! This boy goes through about 16 pampers daily. It is amazing.

Mars: Who are your marriage role models?
Arrington: That’s easy. My mother and father. They were great role models from day one. They have been married for over 25 years and still act like they are in the courting stage. I am fortunate to have been able to watch that and see how to do it (marriage) the right way. 

Mars: What were your biggest fears prior to marriage?
Arrington: Being a perfect husband. And father. I didn’t want to fail. It seemed extremely difficult to live up to my father.  I now realize there is no perfect husband or wife. In marriage, there is no perfect. That helps to make things interesting. I’m not perfect, she’s not perfect…But we’re perfect for each other.

Mars: Did you always know that if you had a son, he’d be a junior?
Arrington: I never ever thought I would name my child after me. It wasn’t until the nurse told us we were having a boy. At that moment, it was clear…He had to be a Jr.

Kyle’s Father’s Day Wish List!

1) A HALLMARK MOMENT I most certainly would like a card. V and I are huge on cards; we save them all. I still have my high school graduation cards in a box. Cards show someone took time out of their day to not only think about whatever the moment is concerning you, but to recognize it as well.
2) DOMESTIC DUTIES The wife cleaning the house would be a huge gift [laughs]! She can be a little messy at times and she knows I’m a neat freak. I’d at least settle for no hair in the sink.
3) GET THE WHIP SHINED UP The wife taking my car to be cleaned and detailed would be a nice surprise. I’m very particular about the way my vehicle looks inside and out. If I could, I would wash it everyday. I wouldn’t even mind considering she had to drive it in order to get it detailed [laughs].
4) BREAKFAST IN BED V knows I love breakfast anytime of the day, so to have it served soon as I wake up is a plus. I’m definitely a pancake guy. It literally can be any type of pancakes (chocolate chip, blueberry, banana, etc.) and my day is made.
5) DINNER & A MOVIE (After confirming a babysitter, of course.) I know it is cliché. But if there are two things I believe I was put on this Earth to do (besides family and work), it’s eat and enjoy movies. Thankfully I get paid to exercise or I would be in trouble. As far as movies go, I feel a person is able to get away and get caught up in whatever direction the film takes you. I watch them all, action, drama, sci-fi, comedy, even romance (it has to be a comedic romance though). And the icing on the cake would be the evening being the wife’s treat.
Join Triple B in wishing Kyle a Happy First Father’s Day!
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    1. Anonymous says:

      To read about an athlete/celebrity being so down to earth is so refreshing. Enjoyed this article. Happy Father’s Day to Kyle and all the other fathers out there.

    2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      @Anon – Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

    3. Erica J. says:

      Those are some beautiful pictures. Wait – did the baby have a pair of Js waiting for him? Too funny! I love the wishlist.

    4. ATL Cutie says:

      LOVE these pics and his point about no marriage being perfect! His wishlist was fun to read also. Great article Cousin Mars!

    5. Congrats you to you on your first father’s day!!! You deserve everything from your wishlist and then some I’m sure.. Being a parent is an amazing gift!! although certainly not an easy task. I wish you the best of luck to you and your family.. Oh and BTW just to let you no the fact that you have OCD about being a neat freak is very soothing, because there are not a lot of men who are like that and certainly not y husband of 20 years. lol.. Anyway it sounds like you are off to a good start.. So again, Happy Fathers Day and many many more..

    6. It is quite commendable of Mr. Arrington to wait for the proper time to start a family. Many of the young in our society believe that raising a family is as easy as making pumpkin pie – only to find out that there are more ingredients involved in making baby, raising baby and providing for baby. Stop, think ahead before plunging into parenthood – it will be at a high cost, not only in a financial way, but also at an emotional and societal level if you do.

    7. Thank you for the comments. I’m sure Kyle appreciates the Father’s Day love. During our interview I felt Kyle had a true understanding of the type of commitment family & fatherhood would require. In fact, it seemed as though he was eager for the challenge. I wish the Arrington family all the best. I’d also like to wish Kyle a healthy and record setting upcoming season.

    8. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      Thank you all for the encouraging feedback. I am grateful that Triple B has an audience of thinking individuals who recognize that marriage is so much bigger than weddings. Stories like this one help those of us embarking on the journey of matrimony to keep the bigger picture in the forefront in between selecting centerpieces and invitations.

      @Tino – I particularly appreciate the points you raise about parenthood being a tremendous commitment. In fact, as I prepare to become a wife later this year, I find myself reflecting on my parents more and more. The lessons they taught me — not only in words but also by how they lived — were invaluable. At 30+ years old and a soon-to-be Mrs., those lessons are still helping me navigate through life.

    9. Great story Mars! Love to hear stories that humanize celebrities and remind us that we all put our pants on one leg at a time. You have a beautiful family and I wish you continued success and blessings.
      Happy Fathers Day!!!

    10. Beautiful story. Beautiful family. Great inspiration. Now join the Falcons!

    11. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      @Don P – We all put our pants on one leg at a time. <--- This is one of my mother's favorite lines! LOL Your comment is much appreciated. @Nadia - LOL! (Glad you are inspired.)

    12. Anonymous says:

      Happy Father’s Day Kyle! You have a beautiful family.

    13. I love their aura and how he approaches his wife and son. He seems to know the old saying that, “the most important thing a man can do for his children is to love their mother.” This story should be shared often and with all of our friends, younger and older, because it really is an encouragement that ‘right’ thinking is not dead…even among the athlete class. If we concentrate attention/media focus on men like this, they will stop believing in the ‘black male crisis’ and our youth can have a different model of success which builds rather than destroys our communities.
      Thanks for the bonus column, Mars!

    14. You did it this time Mars. Great job. I love your questions and Kyle’s answers.

    15. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      Thanks again, everyone. I’m glad you were all touched by the Q&A in some way. Mars did an excellent job. He and Kyle seemed to have connected during their interview.

      @Ronda – “If we concentrate attention/media focus on men like this, they will stop believing in the ‘black male crisis’ and our youth can have a different model of success which builds rather than destroys our communities.” <--- My sentiments exactly!

    16. Tanishia says:

      He sounds like my other half, especially talking washing his car everyday and hair in the sink lol. Good job Cousin Mars!!

    17. Spikesdtr says:

      The blessing of this brother’s parents will prove to be the best guide for this union. When you know better you do better. Just staying together, without love, sends a confusing message to children. His parent’s eternal courtship is beyond priceless. The photos are fab. God bless this family.

    18. Beth Rayner-Zyskowski says:

      I’m acquainted with Kyle and I had the pleasure of meeting VaShonda and KJ recently. These people are genuine, down-to-earth, loving, and decent. Any child would be blessed to have these two as parents. Hoping you get everything on your list, Kyle, tho V. mentioned getting you something that wasn’t on your list. I LOVE that you save cards – I do, too, I’d rather have a special card than a gift! Happy Father’s Day!!! Beth R-Z

    19. Ian Peters says:


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