Fashion Friday: Baby Got Back! Wedding Gowns with Back Details

David's Bridal showed gowns with sexy back details during Spring 2014 Bridal Fashion Week.

This is the first post from’s summer 2013 intern, Janee D. Weather. A rising senior at Hampton University (Go, Pirates!), Janee has become a great asset to the Triple B family. Be sure to show her some love in the comments.

For every bride the “perfect dress” is a little different. Some decide to remain a bit more conservative and traditional while others search for over the top sex appeal. Fortunately, there is a way that we can keep this “bride thing” sexy, without the mother of the groom grabbing the first lap scarf in sight. Back detail has become a growing trend for gowns worn during spring, summer, and early fall weddings.

A beautiful bow, plunging back line, or mesh cutout can take your gown from why to wow instantly. Back detail is also very popular among younger brides. It’s only right you keep the attention of your groom. I’ve always thought this way when it comes to fashion, the amount of fabric on the body should be equal the amount of fabric off the body. This fashion equation simply means show either arms or legs; back or bust line. Not all four, but two of the four will usually work.

A showstopper from Rivini's Spring 2014 collection.

Back detail can be just as elegant as it is sexy. For the brides who aren’t so willing to bare all a number of backless gowns are enclosed and embellished, creating the illusion that you’re showing just a little skin. Back detail creates a back-story for a bride. Try telling your story from the back to ensure your recessional just as captivating as your processional.

Bridal designer Maggie Sottero also got in on this fun trend for Spring 2014.

Do you plan to or did you rock a dress with intricate back details on your wedding day? Tell us about it!

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  1. LOve all these dresses! Janee did a great job w/ this story. (And I’m not just saying this b/c I also went to Hampton. LOL! Shout out to the Class of 2000!)

  2. Avatar Anonymous # 2 says:

    These gowns are stunning. The details of each gowns in this article were very good. Job well done Janee.. Good luck your senior year and be blessed.

  3. Thank you ladies!!

  4. Avatar Spikesdtr says:

    I agree with Janee’s fashion equation on how much skin to show. Back detail is great to keep it stimulating without crossing the line. Boobs popping out have become the norm and quite “too much.” A toned back is the epitome of athleticism, strength and fitness. Which to quite a few men=sexy with taste. Excellent job, Janee.

  5. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Thanks for the feedback all. The back is indeed an underrated part of a woman’s body. Expect to read more from Janee this summer.

  6. Great job, Janee!. I am so glad to see this trend since I was never a fan of excessive nuptial nudity. I have wanted to have an interesting back to my dress ever since I realized that I, like most American brides, would be facing away from my guests for the 1st hour of the day. So, thank goodness for corset backs, lace, embroidery and the rest.

  7. Great points – kudos. I connected to the article via facebook. where is the dress from that photo – sleeveless, pearl / floral design on back? Where is the photo gallery of more gowns? I am excited to see more.

  8. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    LOL @ Jacque – The “gallery” is above. However, Triple B will curate a true gallery in the coming weeks since these styles of gowns are so popular. Stay tuned. Oh and as soon as we locate the designer of the specific gown you inquired about, it will be posted. Welcome to the Triple B family!

  9. Great article Janee! I love the dresses and I am currently lookin for gowns for my big day. Good luck with your senior year at Hampton. I graduated class of 2003 from Hampton O phi O

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