Final Fridays with Cousin Mars: Wedding Registry Remix

After recently attending a Logitech product preview event, I thought...

I’ve already shared how to get your hubby-to-be more involved with wedding planning. The registry portion of wedding planning may actually be the toughest for some men nearing the altar to swallow (it can be soooo boring). Well, that is if it is being done the traditional way. The wedding registry selection already requires so much thought. What store(s)? Are the chosen stores accessible to most of the invited guests? Must we stick to the traditional items (i.e. pots, pans and sheets)? With the average age of people saying “I Do” rising, individuals preparing to jump the broom often possess many of the items typically placed on these registries. This post will share what many guys really want to put on The List. My next step is to petition Logitech to begin offering a wedding registry service…even if this service is only offered to me.


Logitech UE Smart Radio

Use your phone or tablet as a controller for the UE Smart Radio. This radio can follow you anywhere in the home or yard within range of your Wi-Fi signal. Entertainment can last up to six hours with a full battery charge. No vinyl, cassettes, CDS, or USB drives are needed for this gadget. The best of Pink and Christina Aguilera that I secretly listen to, can now be played without interruption when the Mrs. leaves me home with a “Honey Do List.”

Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600

The Bluetooth Speakers Z600 are great for the kitchen window sill while you prepare your lady’s breakfast in bed or as entertainment in the garage while you play mechanic on your most expensive toy. These speakers actually pack a bit of a punch, although the sleek appearance can have you thinking otherwise. Oh yeah, there are no visible controls on these speakers that can be paired with up to three Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth devices.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote

The Harmony Ultimate Remote is the missing piece to the perfect Man Cave or (if necessary) Living Room. This remote has a touch screen. Need I say more? With the Harmony Ultimate Remote, you are able to install the icons of your favorite channels and touch those icons to select your desired television stations. Planning a romantic evening at home? Use this remote to set the mood. I’m serious. As you hear your queen pulling into the garage you can quickly use the remote controller to turn off the NBA game (or PS3). Then use the same controller to:

1.  Dim the bedroom (or dining room if you’re feeling frisky) lights.
2.  Turn on the sound system and begin the preset play list you’ve worked on for the past week.
3.  Umm…my mother reads these posts. I don’t really feel comfortable going further, but you guys can handle it from here.
With the traditional wedding registry procedure, most guys only enjoy zapping the items in the store with the bar code scanner. If I get my way and have Logitech or other cool gadget retailers provide these services, I’m certain more men will gladly play a more prominent role in this aspect of wedding planning.
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    1. You sound like my boyfriend. He is totally into gadgets & attempts to convince me to be the same. If we get to the point of planning a registry, I’m sure it is going to be interesting. I do like the speakers – they would look great in my home office.

    2. Erica J. says:

      I’m actually the tech geek in my relationship. I know – weird right? I want that remote. Now I must find a way to get him to buy it for me (guess I should say us).

    3. I attempted to get my wife to add electronics to our registry. Do I have to even say I LOST THAT BATTLE? She didn’t feel comfortable deviating from the normal registry items. Two years later and I am still gathering all of my desired tech toys.

    4. Thanks for the comments.
      @Kim – I agree – those speakers would look great in a home office or a woMAN CAVE.
      @Erica – I love when the females are more technologically savvy than their dude.
      @Sean – I feel your pain, bro. Actually, 2yrs isn’t that bad from what I’ve been hearing.

    5. Registries are definitely more enjoyable for the ladies. I am about to treat myself to the t.v. remote. I need that in my life.

    6. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      Keep the feedback coming, folx! Mars made some very cool selects here. Admittedly I am a lot less enthusiastic about the registry process than I thought I would be; which is surprising since I enjoy shopping. However, the universal remote is definitely something my fiance and I will consider adding to our registry!

    7. Spikesdtr says:

      I agree change is needed in the process to better involve the brothers and to avoid multiple household items. Cousin Mars you made these items so inviting I’m going to check them out for my home and I’m not even getting married. (Been there, did that.)

    8. Anonymous says:

      Do you really think older folks would purchase electronics like the ones you mentioned? I am an older person but, I haven’t used registries for years, I prefer cash gifts; that way I know the newlyweds can purchase what they like.

    9. FYI Mars: not all of the ladies enjoy the registry process. Personally, I can’t stand shopping…for anything. We have procrastinated on this task due to the total lack of enthusiasm. But, decisions must get made so, I guess we’ll figure something out…

    10. Marky Mark says:

      I Definitely agree with Cousin Mars a Logitech registry is a great idea. It would even make would be fathers look forward to having there baby at home knowing there is some kind of I.P. Camera or gadget to monitor there bundle of joy. That might be one step to far for this blog being its a wedding blog but i do have to agree Logitech has some great products that are great for all scenarios and occasions. Kudos to Cousin Mars for that suggestion i think it could work out if approached in a simplified web interface made easy for people who are not tech savvy.

    11. I would’ve loved to have a Logitech registry when I got married. I believe in this technically advanced age we are living in, this is something that would appeal to the inner tech geek in all of us.

    12. Michelle says:

      I’m like @Rhonda, I loathe shopping. My husband and I chose not to have a registry. We were fortunate enough not to need too much. With all of that said, you are correct – the current registry system could use an overhaul.

    13. What guy wouldn’t want that remote. Logitech registry would be a great idea. I love the tech gadgets and my wife is really not that into it. It would be nice for her to go see what I would like and just click and buy.

    14. This is great. It looks like the techies love this idea and the non-techies are open to the idea of Remixing the Wedding Registry. Sounds like a win/win to me.

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