Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Mixin' it up!

So here’s the long and short of it: I’m smitten by the idea of bridesmaids wearing different dresses! It is an awesome way for their true personalities to shine through and everyone gets to look their best in a dress that most flatters their body type. The fact is many brides (like moi) would rather not have their girls look like clones on their big day. Brands like Two Birds have recognized this desire from brides and bridesmaids alike and capitalized on it. But what I fancy even more is when bridesmaids rock completely differently dresses like in the above pic.

I like this concept so much that it is what I decided to do for my own big day. Everyone didn’t get my vision at first — including my mom and fiancé who thought I was crazy for not just picking out a few styles from David’s Bridal and calling it a day. I dig David’s Bridal for some items but I knew I wanted something far less cookie-cutter for my bridal party. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, I tried to consider the budgets of all involved. One of my bridesmaids was able to score her dress for less than forty bucks off the rack — no alterations needed. How great is that?

Before you go thinking I’m totally nuts, like the women in the pictures throughout this post I did ask my bridesmaids to keep some factors consistent. I provided the color family via a paint card from Home Depot (Ha!). I also shared that I wanted them to stay at or around the knee as a length preference. In addition, I gave them material suggestions. Oh and I’m providing their shoes and jewelry so there will be consistency there to ensure some cohesiveness. Will it all turn out as beautiful as I’m expecting? Only time will tell but I’m glad that I’m taking a risk and doing things my way on such a special day that is supposed to celebrate the love that Mr. TK and I share. Very little about us is traditional.

What are your feelings on mismatched bridal party dresses? Have you ever been to a wedding where the bridal party did this? Did it turn out uber-cool or was it a tacky mess? Sound-off!

[P.S. – I know many of you are surprised to see so many non-brown faces in this post. If my point got across then the visuals worked and we should all sleep just fine tonight.]

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    1. Good 4 u 4 thinking outside the box and daring 2 be a little different! Im sure your pictures will be gorgeous!!!

    2. My cousin is getting married in August and she said we can all choose our own dresses, she just wanted the color (magenta) to be the same and definitely long dresses. I love the concept.

    3. Because different body types are accentuated by different styles, I feel this is a great idea. Also, adults are too old and individual to dress alike. It behooves us to be open to stepping out of the proverbial box. Change can lead to extroadinary discovery. Walk on the wild side sometimes. With all due respect, of course.

    4. I was recently in a wedding and we got to pick our own dresses. Mine, however, still cost $350 (the bride spotted and loved it, so I felt compelled to buy), so I didn’t save anything. We all looked nice and it’s something I’ll do if I have bridesmaids when I get married. Please just don’t make them wear matching buns (hair) like we did. I’m sure your party will look stunning!

    5. Thanks for all the positive feedback!

      @SD – Funny, one of my explanations to my fiancé for wanting to go this route was that very rarely (if ever) do 30+ year old women go out dressed alike from head to toe. It just seems so unnatural to me.

      @Heather – $350? Yikes! That is definitely one of the things I was trying to avoid for my bridal party. As for the hair, my crew can style their manes however they see fit. I think it will especially add character to the pics since their hairstyles range from a super-short pixie to uber-long locs. ;-)

    6. Love it! We did the same and it was beautiful :)

    7. @Nae – Why am I not surprised? ;-) xo

    8. For some reason it’s distracting to my eye. I might be old fashioned but I like them to match.

    9. I think it is best to make the bridesmaids have a different look from the bride so that they will look attractive thus giving the wedding a more colorful feel. Besides, bridesmaids aren’t meant to be there just to be extras but to complement the look of the bride.

    10. @Stephanie – Thanks for stopping by Triple B!

    11. The whole affair was AMAZING, including bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomspeople, junior bridesmaids, broom carrier, etc, etc, etc! I will remember it for a long time (can’t say forever, cause something else just might surplant it and use that corner of memory in my brain). Love you always,

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