Bridgette’s Pick of the Week: Staying Focused During Wedding Planning

Consumer marketing in the wedding industry is genius. Companies in every area of the biz — from fashion and beauty to food and beverage to travel — find ways to manipulate couples into thinking they need certain items in order to have a beautiful wedding. We’re led to believe that the “perfect wedding” will led to the “perfect marriage”. The truth is neither exists. This might seem odd to read on a bridal blog but then again Triple B isn’t your average bridal blog. With the popularity of Pinterest, Instagram, wedding reality television shows, etc. it is easy to lose track of your original vision before saying I Do. Admittedly, I fell victim to a few of the traps (Hey, I’m human!) but thankfully Mr. TK and I have managed to stay truthful to who we are while planning our nuptials. Here’s a fun cheat sheet with examples of what we did that might help you while planning your big day:

  • Mr. TK and I nixed luxury vehicles for our wedding. We and most of our bridal party will be walking, carpooling or using hotel shuttles to get to the venue. Our entourage is all scheduled to stay within a few blocks from our venue (the ceremony and reception are in the same building) so renting a fleet of stretch limousines, a Rolls Royce or a Bentley just wasn’t practical for us. Plus, this method is more green.
  • The flowers for my wedding are minimal. I’m planning to have a bouquet as will my bridal party and the dudes will have boutonnieres but that’s it. Oh and I did order corsages for my mom and Mr. TK’s mom. Fresh flowers are lovely and although we’ve been brainwashed to believe they are essential to a wedding I knew my faves (peonies and orchids) were out of my budget even with resources like these. And, I personally don’t like fake flowers. Candles to the rescue!

This image reflects our fun-loving personalities of me and Mr. TK. We want our wedding to do the same.

  • When Mr. TK and I had our final tasting, we ate off of sleek china (I’m a sucker for a square plate) and modern silverware. We later learned there was a step-up fee for those items. My beau and I looked at each other and immediately agreed that we wanted to go with the standard round plates and generic cutlery. This sage advice from Sheona Little via Marriage Matters helped me feel good about our frugal decision, “Women should remember that less is more. People usually don’t remember the flower arrangements, or the plate they ate off of. People will remember if you and your spouse looked happy. They will remember seeing family and friends. They will remember how you interacted with your new husband. True friends and family just want to see you in love and happy.”

The above are just a few but there’s definitely more. (I have to save some stuff for the book. 2014, I’m claiming it!) To be fair, there were a couple items I was willing to splurge on like chiavari chairs. And as a bridal blogger and magazine editor, I admittedly get a lot of things for free and/or discounted. These perks certainly play a significant role in the type of wedding Mr. TK and I will ultimately have. However, balance is key to successful wedding planning for any couple. Finding ways to incorporate the people, places and things that are unique to your relationship will more than make up for those wedding-related goods or services you cut. Here’s to staying focused!

Tell me, how are you staying true to who you are while planning your wedding?

[Image by Lash to Lens]

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    1. Nice! I need to blog more! I want free stuff! Great afvice for brides-to-be. If I ever get married, I want the ceremony and reception in same venue too. I also want an oval cut solitaire engagement ring! Lol

    2. I had a very low budget, generic wedding. People talked about the reception for years because it was awesome. A great DJ and party loving guests make the event. Of course good food to feed them is a big plus. Just have “a party.”

    3. Heeyyy….who is this other Jackie on Triple B? LOL…Yes, your wedding is all about you and your hubby-to-be, and of course, I’m all for slashing costs…more to put toward a fabulous honeymoon or future goals I say…

    4. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      @Prudence – LOL! Thanks for stopping by and commenting girl. I’m glad you found the tips beneficial. Regarding the free stuff, I know your comment was in fun, but I think that is a common misconception about bloggers and especially style bloggers. In addition to Triple B I have worked in media for 10+ years and contributed to publications ranging from ESSENCE to PEOPLE to Real Simple. I studied journalism at FIT, NYU and in even in London. This is not merely a hobby for me to get free stuff, this is my career. Publicists are well aware of the power media has and court editors and bloggers strategically for that reason. (Plus, it is still cheaper and more effective than advertising.) Do I receive a lot of clothes, accessories, shoes, dinners at fancy restaurants and the like as a result of what I do for a living? Absolutely. Do I work my butt off and are these companies making an insane amount of money as a result of the exposure their brands get because of my work? Damn skippy.

      @Jackie 1 – I want our wedding to be more than “just a party” — I’m an emotional Pisces after all — but I get your point. And yes, folks have been instructed to dust off their dancing shoes.

      @Jackie 2 – LOL! There’s enough room for even more Jackies on Triple B! I love it. Thanks for stopping by…

    5. LOL

    6. The perks of being a bridal blogger and a magazine editor indeed. You must be really happy with all those freebies and discounts, i would be. Well, congratulations! I’m definitely sure it will be a fun and perfect wedding. I love your wedding tips and ideas. They will really be useful. It could really be difficult to stay focused with so many things a bride needs to attend to but it is important so, one just needs to try stay focused.

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