Final Fridays With Cousin Mars – No Tigers in My Bathroom (MUST-SEE VIDEO!)

Seven nights. Five guys. Four countries. Ages range from thirty three through thirty eight. What am I talking about? A subject previously covered on Final Fridays with Cousin Mars: Bachelor Parties. Now I’m able to elaborate and give true accounts of what takes place during some bachelor parties. I recognize age and marital status of participants can play a major role on the planned activities of a bachelor day/night/weekend/trip. Common interests of the participants also drastically impact the agenda. Financial flexibility of all involved is the other obvious contributor to planning the festivities. From New York City, I flew to Iceland, then The Netherlands. By way of the Autobahn, I then drove to Germany. The final of the four countries visited during my trip was Belgium. One night wasn’t going to be enough to recognize one of the last two guys in the crew tying the knot. In fact, it was also decided that one location wouldn’t suffice either.

As I attempted to detail in my first post discussing bachelor parties, fake boobies and big booties aren’t a must for all STAG parties. With that being said, my quick stop at a well-known Red Light District gentlemen’s (used loosely) club was interesting. Yes…I saw several fake boobies and big booties – but I didn’t look long (laugh now).

The trip highlights were bike riding through the unfamiliar streets of Europe, experiencing the Autobahn, mountain climbing, and finally the realization that Belgium waffles taste better in Brooklyn than the three I tried in Antwerp. Surprised I didn’t mention any of the debauchery that has become traditional? To be honest, strip clubs don’t tickle my fancy. Possibly due to having several nieces and god daughters, touring the most famous Red Light District in the world was more depressing than entertaining – but it is an experience that isn’t regretted. Learning as much as I can about as many cultures and countries as I can has always been and will always be a passion of mine.

The wisdom I gained during my bachelor trip, from the already married participants, is priceless. The stories shared about the transition from super bachelor to great husband gave me plenty of inspiration as well as awareness of some potential hurdles. My weeklong experience included reminiscing, teasing, advice sessions, and bonding in a way that I hadn’t witnessed prior to the trip. As encouraging as my friends were about my upcoming wedding, they were as honest about the work required in maintaining a healthy marriage.

I can say that I went out with a bang (figuratively speaking only). When my trip was nearing its conclusion, I thought of two things. One thought was how fortunate I am to have developed such long lasting friendships with individuals that continue to inspire and motivate me. The other thought was how much I am actually looking forward to beginning this new chapter in my life. Throughout my life I have heard so much about bachelor parties and now I have my very own stories to tell. Growth is wonderful. As Kanye tried to tell us – Ain’t Nobody F*ck*ng with My Clique! Don’t believe me? Check out this Rising Virgo Studio Production video montage my dude John (we’ve been friends since college) put together:

 By the way: The title of this post references the movie The Hangover. If you haven’t seen this movie, you probably won’t think the title is funny. Sorry.

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  1. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    WOW! This video is hot and really makes me want to step my travel game up. Even sweeter than what appeared to be a pretty epic vacation are the unforgettable memories you created with your friends. Mars, I think you might be right…Ain’t Nobody Phu*kin’ with Your Clique! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I just loved reading about your trip. It warms my heart to know you have such a loving and caring group of friends which my daughter is inheriting. I’m also thankful she chose you as her husband, this is a dream come true to see her so happy.

    Love you much!

  3. Avatar SpikesDtr says:

    The trip looks like it was nothing less that AWESOME. I love to see brotha’s traveling and bonding. Rising Virgo Studio Production is a force to be recognized. Life seems to be treating you well, Cuz Mars

  4. Avatar Gerald M. says:

    We can finally put a face to the Cousin Mars name. Congrats on your marriage! Looking forward to Part 2 to the Europe trip next fall!!

  5. @Gerald – Yup, I came out of hiding. Part 2? I’m just learning of a part 2, but I’m in.
    @SpikeDtr – The trip was ddefinitely awesome. Yes, life is good. I’ve stumbled enough to know the importance of being grateful.
    @Ma – My friends have embraced more than I could have asked. I’m also glad that I’m the chosen one (lol).
    @Bridgette – Yes, Rising Virgo Studio did the dam thing with this video…& this is just the shortened Triple B video.

  6. this is so nice! it is refreshing to see black men in this lens. i really enjoyed the video and seeing you and your friends having a good time. now i want to book a trip somewhere! lmbo

  7. Cousin M:
    Funny, in 1969 I made plans (in my head) to see similar sights. Then Vietnam changed everything. Your video encourages me to change it back (better late than never)!
    You and your crew–your support of each other, your sights set on the (whole) world–make me more and more confident about the future, yours as well as my own.
    I also see some business ideas for the (near) future and wish you all the best success/es.
    In the meantime, I think I’ll get my passport updated… .

  8. Wow, looking at the video just re-enforced how dope this trip was. Definitely glad I was able to make it happen and looking forward to this newly mentioned Part 2. Rising Virgo did the damn thing.

  9. Enjoyed this article. Finally, a bachelor party that doesn’t center around ‘Big Booty Girls’ and strip clubs. It’s all about building lasting memories and sharing the bonds of friendship. The video is DOPE! It looks like you had an amazing experience. I am a firm believer that travel is the best form of education anyone can receive.

  10. WOW! What can be better than traveling surrounded by friends, which doesn’t take away from traveling with one’s spouse. It’s “the same kind of difference” (a play on the title of a novel by Ron Hall and Denver Moore that my bookclub is reading this year). This is a marvelous bachelor party. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Some people are fashionably late, some just want to make an entrance…and then there are people like you. You wait, watch, research, and gather. Then you make a move, free and clear of all the missteps and drama that everyone else that went before you had to go through. Smart!

    All the ingredients you gathered to make your bachelor trip were way better than the two basic and traditional elements of my own (fake boobies and big booties).

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  12. U have awaken us with the wedding, and now the European Bachelor Vacation video, instead of the usual stripper party. The time, ideas, and money was well invested to a beautiful outcome. If I had to label just the ideas leading to the wedding, and the trip it would b “EXTRAORDINARY out the ORDINARY.” The name mars is fitting the way u think out of the box. Ur wife name must b Venus.. Lol!! Every one would have been happy with a traditional wedding and bachelor party. U inspired us to stick out like a green hat with a orange brim. The sites and video recording was on point… Happiness was captured!! Thx again for sharing the mind of mars. Different has explained u since u was a young martian. Got tired of looking @ the back of ur head.. Lol!! I hope these memories 4 ever invade ur mental space, and keep u striving for the most creative union with ur wife.. Peace Mars!!!!

  13. Mars, I’m mad at you. I’m in the process of planning by brother’s bachelor party. His wife to be just forwarded your link to the both of us. How long did it take to plan a trip like yours? It looks like you all had a great time. Thank you for sharing – and putting the pressure on me.

  14. Wow! This such great video! I think its really great that you chose to spend quality time with your boys on a trip that not only exposed you to culture and sites but it was also enriching by simply being an experience. Thank you for sharing the video — I love learning about far away places that may not necessarily be on my to do list to visit but I can definitely say that I know can consider traveling to these sites in the future.

  15. Avatar Marie in Queens says:

    really Great video! You are a cutie Mars. (no disrespect to your new wife of course but ijs…)

  16. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Thanks for stopping by and showing Mars and this video so much love, everyone!

  17. Avatar Evolme4412 says:

    To have friends that are willing to go across country with you is a blessing!! That’s an awesome video. True friends

  18. Avatar Evolme4412 says:

    I love traveling, Paris/Brazil 2014!

  19. Thanks for all of the comments. Rising Virgo Studio did an amazing job with this video. My friends and I love to travel. Now that we know we can have photos and video capture the experience, I’m extra excited about the future adventures.
    @Evolme4412 – I hope you’ll be in Brazil for the ’14 World Cup. That is going to be amazing. One of the guys in the video has already booked his room & flight.

  20. What a great read and video! It looks like you guys had a great time.

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