Wedding Favors – Thoughtful or Wasteful?

Wedding favors: Do you love or lathe them?

Favors have become pretty standard at weddings but many couples (including myself and Mr. TK) have started to wonder if they’re necessary. After much thought, we decided our wedding would be favor-free and we have no regrets. However, one of my generous aunts did provide two “favor-like” items for our out of town guest welcome bags that can be considered favors — personalized water bottles and North Carolina-made bbq sauce. She insisted on helping us out with a wedding-related expense and that is what we came up with (Thanks again, Aunt Zee!). Plus, we figured everyone can afford to drink more H2O and the bbq sauce we gave is specific to the Tarheel State (plus from a Black supplier). North Carolinians are serious about their bbq! But, none of our guests left our wedding with an actual favor — ya know: a picture frame, book of matches, a cd, a bag of candy, etc. I personally loathe most favors whether I receive them at a baby shower, wedding or retirement party because they are usually the last thing a recovering pack rat like me needs to take home. Yet I happen to know some people who love favors and wouldn’t think of having a special event without them.

What do you say, Triple B? Are you for or against wedding favors? Did you have them at your wedding? Or you planning to incorporate them into your big day, engagement party, bridal shower, etc.? Sound off in the comments, please!

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  1. I think food related favors are nice but everything else is usually a waste. Show us the bbq sauce Bridget!!!

  2. I agree that food favors are the best. Otherwise they really can be a waste of money.

  3. Avatar SpikesDtr says:

    My goddaughter and her husband made a CD “Songs to Love By.” The wedding was May 15, 2005 and I still listen to it, one of my favorites. All Old School, of course with an Elizabeth Barret Browning poem printed on the CD itself. Otherwise, I agree with the prior posts.

  4. Well you know I LOOOOVVVVEEEE favors and put a lot of thought into the relevance to the occasion as well as their usefulness afterwards. Call me a romantic but I like them and I do hold on to most of the ones I’ve received/given be it a bridal or baby shower, going away party, birthday party or any of a number of occasions. But, I guess I’m a “pack rat” too.

  5. I like favors too, but you don’t have to go overboard. My mom and her “team” contributed mini-cake boxes with a slice of Jamaican rum cake inside and we handed them out to our guests. The boxes were engraved with our names and wedding date. Also, we had a photo booth and each picture featured a pic of us so that was also a favor as well….I think most people appreciate food and photos…at least I do:)

  6. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Christina – I’ll post a pic of the bbq sauce next week. ;-)

    @Andres – Thx for commenting.

    @SD – Now that you’ve brought that up, I too have a couple of cd favors that still get played somewhat regularly. But giving a cd as a favor in 2013 and beyond is probably a waste since most people consume their music differently now.

    @Aunt Zee – Thank you again so much for just being you. You certainly did put a lot of thought into the relevance of the occasion and those types of details go a long way. Anthony and I truly appreciate your support of our union.

    @Jackie – I once interviewed a bride for Tie the Knot Tuesday and said bride shared with me that her mother told her (with a straight face) it is impossible to have a Jamaican wedding without black cake. Since launching Triple B I’ve learned a lot more about this Caribbean tradition and I think it is a wonderful way to preserve culture and legacy. Although I’m not a fan of the cake, I do appreciate the time and effort that goes into baking it.

  7. We are having a destination wedding, and I think it’s important to give guests a little something to show them that we appreciate them traveling such a long way (thousands of miles) to be with us. There will definitely be some food-related items that have special meaning to us and our backgrounds, but also a special favor at the wedding to remind them of the trip.

  8. Avatar Kima-Shai says:

    I think food related favors make perfect sense, and the jury (ie, me) is still out on that. In my case, I think pictures from our photo booth with serve as great favors, as well as entertainment at the reception! I’m thinking about a DIY Candy Bar in my wedding colors though too!

  9. Favors can be a nice keepsake but they can be costly especially on a very tight wedding budget. I’m an older bride-to-be and we’re getting married in seven and a half months. Favors are on my “B’ list of priorities but we’ll keep it simple and meaningful. I’m in North Carolina and many family members on both sides will be traveling from around the country. We’d like to have something specific to NC especially for out of town guests so I like the idea of a welcome gift bag. Everyone will take home a piece of wedding cake or a cupcake. Instead of one traditional multi-tiered wedding cake we’re having five cakes (each a different flavor) and several cupcake towers (with four different flavors)…that’s nine different flavors. Small ivory boxes with personalized stickers and ribbon in our colors will hold a piece of cake or a cupcake. We had water bottle labels printed and each guest will take home a personalized bottle of water to wash down the cake!

  10. I am genuinely against giving a memento for its own sake. A wedding favor should be functional or avoided. If it’s edible, plantable or functional I am for it. I am part Carib and grieve the fact that there is no one left in the family who knows how to make proper black cake; if God blesses our family with more marriages, I think I’ll make the effort to sit at some friends’ grandmothers’ feet to learn how to make it so that the tradition can be revived. It takes almost a year the way my Grammy used to do it so, too late for me since I’m 4 weeks out today.

  11. Totally agree with you. I do feel that small welcome bags for folks coming from out of town is an excellent thought. Water, a few energy bars, a local map, and I totally love the BBQ sauce idea. Great thought!

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