Travel Thursday: Cool Resource for Honeymoon Planning

Triple B just discovered a travel resource that could possibly be a lifesaver for nearlyweds or newlyweds in the honeymoon planning stages. I just learned of Encore Romance Travel on Instagram earlier this week via Chic Brown Bride. (Thanks again, Danielle!) Encore caught my attention and I think they should be on your radar, too. Here’s why: Encore specializes in off the beaten path honeymoon packages, custom packages and all-inclusive honeymoons. There is even an option called mystery honeymoons for the truly adventurous couple. Encore owner Brenda says, “I am passionate about traveling, discovering the world and I love helping other busy couples create the honeymoon of their dreams.” Good stuff, right?

But let’s face it, the idea of using a travel agent in these times can seem silly. With the proper patience, one can score amazing travel deals online without the help of a travel professional. I certainly have. But for those who are uber-busy and/or major procrastinators, Encore is a major find. My girlfriend recently revealed that she and her husband intended to take their honeymoon within a year of saying “I Do.” She’s now on the cusp of her five (!) year wedding anniversary and hasn’t taken nary a vacation since becoming a Mrs. Her revelation scared the ish outta me. Especially since for a myriad of reasons, Mr. TK and I opted to take a minimoon right after our Charlotte wedding and will God-willing go on our official honeymoon next spring/summer. We’re both international travel lovers (Mr. TK went to four countries for his bachelor trip for goodness sake!) and are leaning toward taking a Mediterranean excursion with the bulk of our stay being in southern Italy along the Almafi Coast. I do not want to look up five years from now and say because of work, moving, children, money, insert another lame excuse here, we never took that dream honeymoon. A resource like Encore just might help keep us accountable.

I’m still not sure Mr. TK and I need Encore to pull off our honeymoon but I do believe that founder Brenda is onto something. I admire the fact that she and her hubby launched their biz after being frustrated planning their own honeymoon. Creativity is the mother of invention. In addition to honeymoons, Brenda also has experience planning destination weddings and elopements. Even if you think Encore is a complete waste of money, check out this neat honeymoon planning timeline she whipped up for her blog. Clearly Mr. TK and I didn’t follow this timeline — hee, hee — but this is a cool guide for more traditional couples. And if you decide to give Encore a try, be sure to mention Black Bridal Bliss sent ya!

Where are you going/did you go for your honeymoon?


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    1. Thank you for sharing about Encore Bridgette! While our services are not ideal for everyone, many of them find it very helpful especially when they need expert travel advise to exotic locations. I’m currently I’m Fiji exploring which resorts I would consider ideal for my clients and that’s part of what makes us unique, we’ve been there! Finally, most clients are shocked to find that our prices are similar or even better than the online booking engines and we arrange every single component. Our clients will never be stuck in Bali trying to figure out how to get to Seminyak and on to Ubud! I would love to share more with you, let’s chat!

    2. Interesting. I’ll def. keep this in mind for future trips with the hubby.

    3. Honolulu, HI the day after the wedding…we were there for one blissful week, which was a really nice to get away after all of that wedding planning and reconnect as a couple and not an event….

    4. Yay! I can use this information. Will I receive any discounts for mentioning Black Bridal Bliss?

    5. I’m going to check this site out. I’d like a few more passport stamps in the near future.

    6. Always good to have another resource in the bank!

    7. Thanks for the great feedback, all.

      @Lisa – I’m working on that! ;-)


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