FINAL FRIDAYS with COUSIN MARS (well, kinda)


Hey, guys. I’m back. I hope you missed Final Fridays last week. You have all heard how sensitive writers and other artsy people can be, right? Well, I didn’t want Turkey Day recovery contributing to only a few of you reading my post. I don’t know if I could have handled that (50% joke). No worries, I will make it up to you all. As you should all know by now, next Thursday I am moderating Triple B’s first Cupcakes, Cocktails & Conversation event. In addition to this month’s Final Fridays post, I’ll be sure to post pictures and share some of the most provocative quotes from the kick-off event.

What should one expect from these Cupcakes, Cocktails & Conversation events? Well, I hope you have already realized that I’m not afraid to tackle touchy subjects. Add cocktails and a sexy venue to the mix – please know that I guarantee all present will be entertained. Those that have already RSVP’d will hear honest movers and shakers (single and married) discuss their likes and dislikes relating to love and relationships. It doesn’t stop there. I’m going to have these brothas also open up about past relationship regrets and how that has helped them since. In fact, I’d like you to leave comments sharing which questions you would like answers on and which topics you’re most interested in us exploring!

If you’re searching for a grown and sexy night out that will offer different perspectives on relationship matters you find important, Presents Cupcakes, Cocktails & Conversation is exactly what you need. As Bridgette shared on social media, this show will hit several cities in the upcoming months. Be sure not to miss this event when it comes to your neck of the woods.

Remember to share the questions that you’re interested in having answered below. Follow @BlkBridalBliss and @Cousin_Mars on Instagram for pictures as the event takes place. Stay tuned for the Twitter hash tags that will be used the evening of December 12th.



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    1. I’m so annoyed that I’m gonna miss this! I hope you guys come to DC next. In the meantime, I think you should ask about blended families. And not the warm and fuzzy stuff either. Like I want you to ask the really tough questions. Maybe you can ask the panelists about my situation. My fiancé has two children from previous relationships and I try my best to be as positive as possible. The children are a blessing and I’m happy that they’re now a part of my life now. I love them to death. Their mothers however…Not so much. My patience has been tested so many times and now the mother of the youngest child has threatened not to let her daughter with my fiancé attend our wedding which is scheduled for February. My fiancé is devastated about this. I’ve tried to explain to him that his ex is bitter and miserable and just wants to eff with us. Deep down he knows this is true but he loves his daughter so much that he is willing to jump through hoops for her just so that his daughter can be there. I’m about to catch a case Mars. HELP!

    2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      Thanks for commenting, Andrea! Stay tuned on Triple B’s CCC in the nation’s capital. We’re definitely working on it. Regarding your fiance and soon to be stepchildren…That’s a doozy. I’ve witnessed similiar scenarios occur with loved ones. I’ll let Mars take this one on since you addressed your comment to him.

    3. @Andrea – We’re going to miss you for this one, but expect to see you when we visit the nation’s capital in a couple of months. I will be sure to include your suggested topic. Thank you for sharing your current situation. Follow @CousinMars on Twitter and @Cousin_Mars on IG, as I will post updates throughout the event. My first suggestion is to pray that his ex finds love soon – that is one way to reduce or eliminate her bitterness.

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