Sites to Buy & Sell Used Wedding Items

After all the wedding day fanfare has passed, most brides find themselves with a hefty amount of items they no longer need. Sure, you’ll want to hold onto to a few select pieces for memorabilia sake. But most things will end up becoming dust magnets if you’re not careful. These sites help newlyweds turn post wedding day clutter into cash but also help planning brides save some coins before their big day.

Tradesy“A very fashion forward and user-friendly (for the buyer anyway) resource. The founder is also the brainchild behind Recycled Bride.

Bravo Bride This site has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and Smart Money.

Wedding Recycle – Be sure to check out the Real Marriages section of the site.

And of course there’s also eBay and the like which has a specially dedicated section for weddings and bridal.

Would you ever used any of these sites to buy or sell wedding merchandise? Why/why not?

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    1. Ms. Michelle says:

      I just shared this with my sister and she said she wishes she was aware of this a year ago. We will pass this helpful information onto circle of friends

    2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      WOO HOO! Thx for spreading the word about Triple B, Michelle.

    3. I’m about to recoup some unfortunate losses…hopefully, someone else can enjoy these items and have a glorious day

    4. eBay has been my buddy but thanks for the other resources. Since we are paying ourselves we must be very smart and resourceful

    5. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      @Twinki & S. Bouie – I’m glad this post was helpful to you both.

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