Origami Owl Exclusive GIVEAWAY!

YOU could win this in time for your big day! has a hot new exclusive GIVEAWAY just in time for all you spring and summer brides. Find out how to win your own version of the prettiful locket from Origami Owl in the above image — retail value of $125!

Origami Owl has offered to gift a chain and locket complete with four charms to one special Black Bridal Bliss bride-to-be. Said bride will be able to design the look herself. The beauty of Origami Owl is that all their pieces are unique and individual to the wearer. Answer the question below to win your own OO item:

For your wedding day, what would you include in your ideal Origami Owl locket and why?

Leave a comment below with your response. The deadline to enter this exclusive GIVEAWAY is midnight on Friday, March 14th at midnight EST. Remember, there are no right or wrong responses for this GIVEAWAY so be creative and sincere with your comments. Not a planning bride at the moment? Be sure to forward this link to someone who is — spread love, it’s the Triple B way.

Looking forward to your responses — annnnnnnd GO!

P.S. – To drum up your creative juices, I’ll get you started: My ideal locket for my wedding day would have definitely included something as a nod to my deceased father. Perhaps something related to the visual arts since he loved to paint and sparked my appreciation for art.

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  1. My ideal locket for my wedding day would be the initials of myself and hubby to be (L,B,W), a cross to signify our close relationship with Christ, a music note for our love of music and Brandons passion as a audio engineer, a heart and the infinity symbol.

  2. I promise I’m not copying off of Leah M. LOL. My locket would include hubby & I’s initials,drums and something to represent our Divine love like intertwined hearts.

  3. I gotta win

  4. I adore the silver crystal cross, camera, and coffee cup!

  5. I would love to win locket to commemorate my grandmother .I would give anything for her to be there on my wedding day to see me walk down the aisle. This would allow me to have her walk down WITH me. Hopefully, she will throw some luck me way! :) *fingers crossed*

  6. Avatar Jennifer T says:

    My locket would be a representation of me and my fiance. I would include an owl because our first date was to see a Harry Potter movie, the scales of justice because we met in law school, mouse ears because our first trip together was to Disney World, our initials, and our birthstones!

  7. Avatar Kalia Choy says:

    My ideal locket would have our initials, something sporty because we both love to be active. A musical note because we play this game every time we listen to music (it’s our thing). It will also include a boy with May birthstone for our son. Lastly I’d like a flower to represent my grandmother who can’t be there with me, she passed away before our son was born and before we got together. That about sums it up.♥

  8. What I would include in my origami owl is a heart that represents one of our favorite chapters in the bible 1 Corinthians 13 which is a reminder that love never fails and as long as we keep God the perfector of our love for one another that our circle will remain intact. I would also put a microphone in there for our love of karaoke and singing to one another. Finally I would insert our initials as we will finally share the same last name that will tie us together til death do us part.

  9. My ideal locket would include my grandmothers first initial (she died when I was young but I look so much like her) and my fiancées great grandmothers first initial (she died more recently). Since we won’t be doing a unity candle we would both know they are being represented. I would also include the number 5 which is the number of grace (biblically referenced) and God’s grace has been sooooooo clearly evident in our lives!! And finally I would include the number 1 because both of our birthdays are in January.

  10. Avatar SpikesDtr says:

    I love the sentimentality of these comments. They reveal the depth of love in these relationships. Love is Supreme, always.

  11. My ideal locket would blend my love of God, writing, and family (the journey my bf and I have taken in the last 17 months as we transition from single mom & daughter to “The Smiths”). An “S” would bind each element in the locket as symbol of our family name. It would include a quill (for the writing), a teeny house, and a footprint (for my favorite poem about God’s love, “Footprints in the Sand”). I’d also include two gemstones…one purple (my daughter’s favorite color) and one orange (my bf’s favorite color). After the wedding, It become a family heirloom to be given to my daughter on her wedding day.

  12. This locket is going to be soooo special. Good luck to all of you participants!

  13. Avatar Maria Malaveci says:

    My locket would include charms that reminded me of my grandmother who passed away….. her initial, etc… Thanks so much for the chance!


  14. Was the winner announced? The suspense is killing me! :P

  15. Avatar Kalia Choy says:

    How do we find out who the winner was?

  16. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    The winner will be contacted directly and announced shortly thereafter. Stay tuned and thank you for stopping by Triple B!

  17. Has the winner been announced yet?

  18. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Hi, @S.Bougie – The winner is Kalia Choy of Hawaii. Stay tuned for pics! In the meantime, feel free to enter the current Triple B GIVEAWAY:

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