The Road to Mrs. – My Adventures in Wedding Cake Tasting

Cake, Cake, Cake! Triple B's resident bride-to-be Nicole shares her adventures in wedding cake tastings.

Cake tasting has definitely been a highlight of the wedding planning process. Yes, I had committed to losing 10-15 pounds prior to my wedding in four short months, but this was something that had to be done. For the greater good, I sampled 13 delicious flavors of cake and frosting and did it guilt-free. With Leonard out of town, I enlisted the help of my grandmother and MOH, Heather. They too, were happy to indulge.
The three of us tasted (and re-tasted) until we were able to narrow down the 13 flavors to just 4, each to be a separate tier. Red velvet, strawberry, lemon and chocolate. Then I had to decide which flavor would be on which tier. The bottom and largest tier should be the most appealing to all my guests. I was thinking red velvet, as it is my absolute favorite. Heather thinks strawberry, but considering that this was the first time I’ve ever had a strawberry cake that I liked, her vote was vetoed. My grandmother thought the biggest tier should be chocolate. Practical as usual. I text Leonard to get his opinion. His response? “I don’t like red velvet or strawberry.” My initial reaction was complete shock. Who doesn’t like red velvet cake?!? (And how did I not know this after nearly three years of dating?) With his input, I decide that chocolate would be the bottom tier. But we were too far on the process to go back and re-decide on flavors, plus by this time I was on a major sugar high – no more cake for me.

Lastly was cake design. Naturally, I’d searched the web and had several photos to show my consultant describing what I was looking for.  She pulled out her notebook and began a sketch. It was perfect. She then stated that this cake would have to be done using fondant and asked if I was okay with that. Concerned more with the cake looking pretty, I agreed. Heather however, did not. “You do not like fondant. Nobody likes fondant.” Agreeing with her, my consultant said we can do butter cream but would have to redesign the cake. She also brought to my attention that a butter cream cake of the same size would be about half the price. Heather, the practical one, gave me a look and stated it was a no brainer. “Why would you pay twice as much when your guests are going to only eat half the cake? Plus who wants to peel off the frosting on their cake? Go with the butter cream.”

So my cake consultant and I redesigned the cake and came up with something equally beautiful. Although fondant allows for more options design wise, it just doesn’t taste good. Luckily, I picked a bakery that was great at what they do so they were able to still design me something wonderful. I also appreciated the that my cake consultant was honest with me about taste and pricing. She didn’t just try to sell me a fondant cake cause she knew it’d cost more. My cake will be pretty and delicious. I’ve heard people say that with everything going on sometimes the bride and groom forget to eat. I might not eat a full meal, but I will be eating a nice slice of red velvet cake (which happens to be the second largest tier)!

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  1. Another enjoyable read! I can just imagine sampling that red velvet cake right about now. It’s obvious you are enjoying planning your wedding………continue having fun.

  2. Okay, now I’m hungry! LOL, thanks Nicole!!!! And Heather was right, fondant is usually nasty but people are sheep so they just think that’s what you have to get for a wedding. Glad you decided against it and went with the better tasting cake.

  3. Avatar Aunt Zee says:

    I loved reading about your cake shopping experience. It is one of the sweetest tasks associated with the wedding planning process. I look forward to your next adventure.

  4. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Thank you all for stopping by and commenting.

    @Nicole – Mr. TK and I admittedly did not go to one cake tasting in preparation for our wedding; LOL! The cake for our NYC affair was either from Costco or BJ’s and the Charlotte wedding cakes (there were 6 or 7 small cakes total — each a different flavor) were made from scratch by a family friend who has been baking for decades. The frosting, varying shades of purple for an ombre feel, was buttercreme based; not fondant. I showed her a picture of what I envisioned — a tear from a Martha Stewart Weddings mag — and we worked from there. My mom and upteen members of my family had eaten and enjoyed her cakes several times so we were confident they would be yummy. And they were. Bottom line: Just because the masses say fondant is a must for wedding cakes doesn’t mean you must follow. I’m also enjoying reading how you and Leonard are making decisions together. So refreshing. Another great post, Nicole!

  5. Avatar SpikesDtr says:

    Interesting account of a sweet fling. What’s the difference between chocolate and Red Velvet other than color?

  6. Hey boo! You made a great decision with your cake, and it’s going to be the bomb. So happy to have been a part of the process. Can’t wait to eat the actual beauty.

  7. Thanks for reading my latest post!

    @Bridgette, I’m sure Leonard would love the idea of getting our cake from Costco! That may be one of his favorite stores. Luckily for me, my dad stepped in and purchased our cake so that was one discussion about price we didn’t have to have.

    @SpikesDtr, I don’t know. Leonard insist they taste different. He likes chocolate but hates red velvet. I’ve heard they were the same but admittedly I like red velvet better. It’s be funny if they were exactly the same.

    I’m trying to decide if we’re going to get with a groom’s cake. Thoughts?

  8. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Nicole – LOL, I hear ya. Go, Dad! And as far as groom’s cakes go, my vote is YES! I surprised Mr. TK with one for our Charlotte affair and it was a hit. I went with a carrot cake the shape of his (now our) dog, Onyx. Cousin Mars also blogged about groom’s cakes here:

  9. Avatar SpikesDtr says:

    I say go for a groom’s cake. It’s an opportunity to show your new husband how much you know about him and what it takes to turn his “light on.” It’s a very personal accreditation of who he is. It was a huge hit for my son, everyone who knows him was super impressed, including me.

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