Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Smythson Honeymoon Journal Random Confession #63: I adore journals and notebooks almost as much as I do stationery. I realize the rest of the world is all about digital, but doggonit I still enjoy scribbling down my thoughts, dreams, frustrations and even fears on paper. Thus my latest Triple B Pick of the Week is the Honeymoon Recollections Panama Notebook ($80) from Smythson of Bond Street. Why?

This notebook makes the perfect gift for a nearlywed/newlywed couple because it is something most of us wouldn’t think about purchasing for ourselves. It maintains the sleek and clean design British luxury retailer Smythson is known for and (wait for it…) it can even be personalized. Capturing moments on film while traveling is definitely a must but journaling can be just as fulfilling. My first trip to Africa, my stint living in London, the blissful Virgin Gorda vacay I took a few years back — I have notebooks with my written memories of them all. They’re brief entries but invaluable to me and will be for years to some.

Mr. TK and I both love to travel (I can’t wait to share deets on our latest trip to Charleston, SC!) and hope our honeymoon will be one of many awesome adventures as a married couple. So why wouldn’t I want to have a special keepsake notebook to document it? I do wish it came in purple though but maybe that is in the works? Wishful thinking…

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    1. Aunt Zee says:

      I just love it!!! I too journal a lot; in fact, I realize that I am one of those learners that retain information best if I write it down. I write sermon notes, program notes, take notes on books that I really enjoy, etc. A personalized journal would make a great gift for a newly engaged person, a newly married couple, a first pregnancy, etc. The list goes on and on.

      I enjoyed this post.

    2. SpikesDtr says:

      I too am a sucker for journals, they help keep me grounded. This one looks regal but, I think you can expect nothing less from Smythson. I love it and like Aunt Zee would appreciate it (or one like it) for many occasions. It’s therapeutic to refer back to past journals to check on your progress through life.

    3. This is a superb gift- even for oneself! As much as I love to read online, there remains for me a special mystique to actually touching the pages of a book. All the more so when it’s one in which you have recorded your thoughts, hopes and dreams. I still have my diary from HS/early college and enjoy reading it so many years later. It reminds me how much I have learned and grown over the years. Thanks for another great find. I am so about to grab this for my cousin who graduates HS in June.

    4. Oops. Just realized it comes as ‘honeymoon’. I’ll find her something similar…

    5. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      It is so nice to know many people in the Triple B family appreciate the art of journaling. WOO HOO!

      @Ronda – You might also want to try Anthropologie. They have a nice selection of journals (at lower price points too of course) and I think your niece would appreciate one of them just as much. I fancy this one (but they have many other styles):

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