15 Minutes With… William P. Miller of W.P. Miller Special Events

Meet William of W.P. Miller Special Events!

Company name
W.P. Miller Special Events

Los Angeles, CA

How long have you been planning weddings?
I’ve been planning weddings for 15 years.

Where is the farthest you have traveled for a wedding?
It took [my team and I] six planes to reach our destination of Kruger National Park located in South Africa. The safari wedding [that followed] was so beautiful and worth the journey.

What’s one thing you wished more couples did on their wedding day?
I often wish couples would listen less to their family and friends and focus more on themselves.

Name a bridal trend you’re over.
I think oversize custom photo albums are not only of the past, they are dust collectors. I encourage securing a disc from your photographer with all of the images. You will be able to share them via email or social media. The photo department at Costco is also great with printing your favorite photos.

Crew Love: Miller Thinks Matching Bridal Party Tanks Can Be Fun!

Name a bridal trend you’re excited about.
I love dressing the bridal party in “Happy Underwear” such as T-shirts and socks. It is a fun way to unite the party and loosen up everyone.

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had as a planner?
I was planning an outdoor wedding in Australia and a herd of kangaroos decided to make themselves guests!

I never work a wedding without my trusty…
Cell Phone. My iPhone has all of my planning tool applications, vendor contacts, social media apps and most importantly a camera for still shots and video.

Niecy Nash & Event Planner William P. Miller

My dream couple to work with is…
I would love to work with Debbie Allen and Norm Nixon for maybe one of their milestone wedding anniversaries. I’ve been in their presence on several occasions and they are always a lot of fun. TRIPLE B NOTE: Miller has already worked with the likes of Niecy Nash and was even the planner for the nuptials of Sheryl Lee Ralph.

BONUS: Miller shares his top three quick tips for planning brides:

  • Formally thank your guests with a card. Sending an email or text message is not enough.
  • If you are into social media, create your wedding #hashtag and print it in wedding program and/or post it to your wedding website.
  • Allow a few days [after the wedding] before departing on your honeymoon. This will give you time to settle loose ends, as well as, decrease the stress that’s a part of traveling.

[Bridesmaid image by Joshua Dwain & Nash/Miller image courtesy of Miller]

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  1. Nice interview and those tanks are super cute!

  2. Avatar SpikesDtr says:

    I love the kangaroo “inclusion.” Debbie Allen and Norm Nixon were hot for/with each other way back, it’s wonderful to know it has lasted all these years. Can I get one of those cute pink tanks?

  3. I don’t agree with the big old album though…people don’t even really print photos these days :(

  4. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Thanks for commenting, folks!

  5. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Oh and @SD, similar tanks and more Triple B merch are coming soon — don’t you worry! ;-)

    @JH – I think you and William are essentially on the same page as far as the photo albums go — he feels they are a dinosaur. However he’s suggesting that if and when a couple does want to get images from their wedding day printed (perhaps for framing) that they simply head to the very affordable and easily accessible Costco.

  6. Avatar Seneva R says:

    This article is great! I am so happy the up and coming brides can get the advice of William, JUST LIKE I DID! My girls loved the T-shirts and flip flops. I totally agree with the BIG ALBUM thing… By ordering just the disc , i was able to print and keep only the pictures I wanted. I also made a slidehow from the pics and watch it as often as I can..:).. Thanks

  7. Avatar Maria Watts says:

    Loving caring individual. Details, details is his strength. Keep up the special work.

  8. Avatar Gerae V says:

    I’ve known and personal worked with William on my occassions. He’s very patient, and pays great attention to detail. Love you. Keep up the GREAT!!! work.

  9. Avatar Maurice Williams says:

    Without a doubt William Miller is an artist. I have personally observed his creativity from conception to fruition. He can transform a backyard into a tropical paradise. I’ve seen him transform a bridzilla back into someone you’d want to marry. And for this, I have seen and heard awe-stricken grooms hug and thank him for saving the day. To me, that speaks volumes.

  10. Avatar sewarren says:

    What a fun interview. Learned alot.
    love to work witb Miller.
    does ghost e have more tips he can share.

  11. Avatar S.Bouie says:

    Awesome tips!!

  12. Avatar Sheree Williams says:

    Great article! One of the best wedding planners around!

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