The Road to Mrs. – My Calm Before the Storm

Triple B's resident bride-to-be Nicole is cool as a fan 60 days before her wedding day!

The last few weeks not much wedding planning has been happening. Invitations were sent and now I’m just waiting on RSVPs to trickle in. All of my vendors have been selected. The menu is set. Flowers have been chosen. Photographer, DJ, musicians, hair & make-up are all on lock. Rentals and timelines have been completed. Leonard ordered his tuxedo and the bridal party has their attire picked out. My dress is being altered. So now I find myself with little to do planning wise. I learned from working in a hospital that we never say “it’s slow” as things will quickly turn around. So with that in mind I won’t say I’m finished planning, what I will say in that I’m enjoying the calm before the storm.  A much needed calm as my work life has definitely been busy.
Once a final head count is determined, most of the adjustments will be on the part of my vendors. I know that in the weeks before my wedding I will most likely be overwhelmed with things to do. But for now, I spend most of my days looking at jewelry or veils online as I haven’t picked out either of these yet. I feel like I should be doing something but when I look at my checklist everything is completed. I think this might be a sign that I’m just a damn good wedding planner and should quit my day job. I do have two small DIY projects that I need to tackle, but those are small and can be quickly tackled after a quick trip to Home Depot and Hobby Lobby.  Leonard’s putting a stop to my excessive spending has also limited the amount of time I spend on Etsy and Pinterest.

I’m still in planning mode but right now the most stressful thing in my life is to veil or not to veil. My fiancé and future sister-in-law (aka the enforcer) have put a stop to the guest list issues and my MOH is dealing with the bachelorette party and fielding all the questions from that. Life these days is a breeze. My wedding party has been very accommodating and easy to work with and Leonard’s only concern is “How much is this going to cost me?”

I know this feeling won’t last for the next 60 days. But I feel like I am in a really good place right now and have set myself up for a successful, stress-free, bridezilla free wedding weekend. If I stay on track and on schedule I think I’ll get to spend most of my time with my guests the entire weekend having a blast in Laguna Beach.

Do you think Nicole should wear a veil or not on her wedding day? Share in the comments.

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    1. SpikesDtr says:

      It’s hard to say “veil or no veil” without seeing the gown but, I like the simple birdcage worn by Bridgette at her wedding. Most times, less is best. Especially when you have such a beautiful face Nicole.

    2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      Thanks for the veil shout, SD!
      @Nicole – Enjoy every second of this calm because… ;-)

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