Final Fridays with Cousin Mars – Summer Date Ideas

After this past winter, I plan to take full advantage of the summer weather. Every year I say this, however this year I am committed to enjoying almost everything the NYC and DC summers have to offer. Solely because I don’t know what to expect when Old Man Winter returns, I suggest you too get your money’s worth between June and September. In fact, I’m sharing fun date ideas. You’ll owe me one after this post.

For the Athletic Couple: Make it a full day out and cap it with a romantic night. You’ll probably want to make sure you get a good night’s sleep before this date. No need for a gym membership during the summer, right? This day should begin at a park with you and your beau in workout gear. Bring your laptop/tablet to watch and follow a YouTube workout video or simply prepare a semi-challenging workout the night prior. After generating a decent sweat, it’s time to pull out the bicycles (rent or pull your own out of storage). Choose a scenic route that allows you to stop as many times as you like. Oh yeah, don’t forget to bring a chain and lock for the bike during your pit stops. After the two wheel adventure ends, you should head directly to a shower – perhaps together. Following the shower, decide which of your local dining choices the two of you will walk to and from on this evening.

For the Artsy Couple:
You’ll need 2-3 outfits for this date and possibly a packed lunch (fruit and sandwiches could work). Choose 2-3 totally different looks — casual, semi-formal, etc. Ladies, I know being encouraged to wear multiple outfits in one day isn’t a problem for you. You’ll want to get an early start to this date and you will need to bring a decent DSLR camera and tripod (borrow or rent if you don’t own). Do you see where I’m going with this date yet? Yup, you two are going to have a fun day of photo shoots. No need for a professional photographer – the more crazy pics the more stories to tell later. I suggest starting at a rustic location (i.e. rail yard). It may be wise to plan a park scene for whatever time you expect to eat. This is where that packed lunch comes into play. Try to squeeze a clay/pottery sculpting class in before heading home. Enjoy! **Tag @Cousin_Mars (IG) or @CousinMars (Twitter) if you post any images from this date on social media – I’d love to see some pics**

For the We Love Nature + Culture Couple:
Start the day off at one of my favorite places — the zoo. Take tons of selfies; you’ll thank me for these later. After the zoo, I suggest a visit to your local botanical garden. The smell alone is often enough of a reason to visit a botanical garden. However, for PDA-loving couple, this is really just another place to hold hands and remember how you found each other. After these two stops you’ll have an appetite. Head home for a meal. Part three of this date doesn’t begin until the sun disappears. Put on one of your sexy outfits and head to a hot club/lounge. Live music is a great way to close today’s chapter.

These are just some fun ideas (all can be tweaked) to help the Triple B audience create and share bliss. If you have any cool date ideas, forward them to me at and perhaps I’ll share them in a future post.

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    1. I’m going to start planning the artsy couple suggestion. This is right up our alley. Thanks BBB

    2. I love the ideas but what about us not so healthy non artsy people with allergies? i just think anything that would bring you and your significant other together is a good date. I feel with financial times being so trying at times and having children just a simple day with each other to relax and not talk about the everyday problems is good enough. But if i had to pick one id love the zoo and botanical garden scenario cause my children would enjoy it as well. Now if you tell me I have a baby sitter for the entire day i probably would go back home take a nice shower and go back to sleep until about late afternoon then maybe catch a movie and some dinner. Things tend to get simple when your a parent.

    3. Great ideas Cuzzin!

      These inexpensive, yet creative date ideas bring me back to my broke and inventive college days. I think I need a little more of these outside the box ideas in my married with kids more mundane life… I’m gonna go with the photo shoot idea. Good looking!

    4. Great ideas mars! I like all of these but I think #2 is my favorite because the pictures will give us such great memories. And that pottery class sounds sexy.

    5. On second thought, my man and I are definitely on a budget so we would make the photo shoot day & the pottery class two separate dates! LOL!!!

    6. Cousin Mars says:

      @Marie – Each of these date ideas should help create long lasting memories. Please share how the date(s) work out.
      @Don P – Enjoy the photo shoot and let me know if you come up with any other cool date ideas.
      @Mark – Whoa…”not so healthy non artsy people with allergies” I’m going to have to get back to you on some suggestions. You don’t need me to come up with the typical “dinner & a movie” date, so this one will require some thought.
      @Trina – Have loads of fun.

    7. cuz: your ideas are not only entertaining, but will also give each member of the couple a look into the likes and dislikes of each member of the duo, including the things your partner didn’t know they liked or disliked–simply because they had never tried it/them. One of the things that makes marriage so difficult is that the acts of romance–the things you do when you’re “high” on love–are often experienced differently after you’ve settled into the mundane realities of, say, food shopping, or picking up clothes from the cleaners. a closer look your partner’s interest–or lack thereof–in museums, or sightseeing, or board games–might be a clear sign that you have a couch tomato on your hands (or knees).
      each one-of-two should attention and make plans with fairness and reality in mind.

    8. These are some great ideas. This post bring back so many memories , I got married close to 50 years ago and my deceased husband and I did things so similar. He always took lots of pictures

    9. SpikesDtr says:

      Good ideas, Mars, pottery sound very interesting. I would add kite flying, row boating, roller blading, fishing and acting class. Thanks Triple B..

    10. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      Great ideas, Mars! Larger cities like NYC also have a plethora of *FREE* outdoor concerts and festivals during the summer months. Some of my most memorable dates have taken place in unexpected places like the Cloisters/Ft. Tyron Park in upper Manhattan — which most people don’t realize is technically free, the entry price is only suggested, an aquarium and riding/driving a three wheeled car in the middle of the desert. @Mark – Your comment literally made me laugh outloud.

      Keep the feedback coming, folks!

    11. Nice blog! keep going on…..

    12. Great suggestions!!!

    13. Bridgette Bridgette says:
    14. idismith says:

      nailed it mars!
      if couples want to know if they can really (for more than 1 year) be a couple…trips/outings/the like are the best way to 1) find out who each other is; 2) if you can “weather the storm (of people/circumstances out of control/ outside your control, etc.) and still remain committed to each other.
      good luck to fellow followers!

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