The Road to Mrs. – My Groom’s Wedding Day Attire

You Match My Fly: Resident Bride-to-Be Nicole's Fiance, Leonard, suited up on New Year's Eve

Leonard definitely has what one would call swag. He wears a uniform to work daily but cleans up very well.  He attributes his style to his Houston upbringing. Whether in jeans, a Polo, and a fresh pair of tennis shoes or a suit and tie, Leonard takes great pride in his appearance and can make any ensemble look good. I’ve never doubted his taste. My female friends often talk about having to give their men direction when it comes to picking out gifts for them, especially shoes or clothes. On several occasions Leonard has picked out shoes for me as a gift and I’ve always be happy with his choices. Despite having to deal with his cockiness, I’m happy to have a guy with such great style.     

When it came time to pick out his wedding attire Leonard made it very clear that he would not be wearing a rented tuxedo. Leonard’s body type makes it very hard for him to wear off the rack (he has an athletic build with a 52 inch chest… swoon). Leonard found a men’s wear designer based in Atlanta who often designs for athletes and actors. The designer’s website indicated they served Los Angeles, however when he had his telephone consultation he was informed that an additional fee of several thousand dollars to accommodate him in our area. Considering all the talks of budget, Leonard decided against this designer. Luckily for him, we live in Los Angeles. He did his research and found a new designer with an esthetic he liked, and scheduled an appointment.

I asked him if I could accompany him to his appointment and he was hesitant to give me an answer. It was later discovered that his appointment happened to fall on a day that I would be out of town on business (I certainly believe he did that intentionally). Despite me not being present at the appointment, I have every bit of confidence that Leonard’s tuxedo choice will be amazing. My main reasoning for wanting to accompany him was to ensure that he didn’t go overboard with his fabric selections and extra details. Although he keeps a tight watch on the budget, this would certainly be one of those areas where even he would splurge.

After his appointment, he sent me a text saying he was going to be fly on our wedding day. I have no doubt in my mind that he will. He may not care about the flowers and wedding favors, but he’s certainly committed to looking great, especially considering all eyes will be on us. After picking out his tuxedo, Leonard found a pair of Yves Saint Laurent shoes that are gorgeous.

We Clean Up Nice: Nicole and Leonard's shoe boxes reveal they're ready for the big day

Leonard did say I can go with him to his fitting, but I think I’ll pass. I like the idea his attire being a surprise. I am super excited to see my future husband at the end of the aisle looking stunning and debonair!

Read Nicole’s Road to Mrs. post about selecting her own wedding day attire here.

Do you think most brides care what their future spouse wears on their wedding day? Should they? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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    1. I’m an older reader, probably older than your grandparents but, I love reading Tie The Knot Tuesday, Marriage Matters and The Road to Mrs. ( I happen to be Bridgette’s mother}. Nicole your post today really touched me, it sound like you’re in real good hands because Leonard sound like a real good man. Just being plain sensible is one of the thing I admire of Leonard so much.

    2. Fly. That is all.

    3. Donna Fields says:

      Yep…..that’s my brother. He got it from his mom….

    4. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      I too enjoyed this post. It is wonderful to witness more men get involved in the wedding planning process. Keep the comments coming, folks!

    5. SpikesDtr says:

      Leonard looks like he’s ready for the cover of GQ. Nicole, you are a lucky lady.

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