The Road to Mrs. – Bridesmaids, DIY & Bonding, Oh My!

Triple B's resident bride-to-be Nicole (right) and her cousin and maid of honor Jana are happy DIYers!

My cousin and maid of honor Jana, recently graduated from college. With a degree in drama and her eyes set on becoming an actress, she relocated to Los Angeles. Leonard and I agreed to allow Jana to live with us short term while she established herself in L.A. I quickly came with ideas on how she could earn her room and board. With just a few weeks until the wedding, I had several DIY projects that I’d saved with the expectation of having free labor. Jana was barely in the door before I mentioned my plans to put her to work. She was more than eager to help and jumped right in.

First up was the decorating of candle holders. I’d ordered ivory candles with clear holders a few weeks prior.  I’d found a DIY article on Pinterest showing how to bedazzle the holders. I immediately went to Michael’s and bought the supplies and tested the instructions. Once I realized I had all the materials to make this project successful, I set it aside for Jana. Two days after she arrived and settled in, Jana complained of being bored. I quickly suggested that she start working on this. I showed her the example then demonstrated how to achieve the look. With instructions and her work station she quickly started working. She completed the box and with a sense of accomplishment stated “I’m done, that was easy.” I inspected her work and was happy with the finished product. I then pulled out 5 additional boxes. It took Jana two days to decorate all 72 candle holders and about 2 hours to get the glue and glitter off her fingers.

Nicole's gold glitter ombre tealight candle holder inspiration via Pinterest.

Jana never mentioned being bored again, but that hasn’t stop me from coming up with things for her to do.  She’s accompanied me to meetings and appointments with my florist, dj, seamstress and wedding coordinator. She’s been tasked with learning how to bussle my dress and is my new official workout partner. I also still have plenty of projects for her to work on, including gift bags, place cards, favors, and programs just to name a few. With just a few weeks until my wedding I’m sure that list will grow. I’m enjoying having a member of my bridal party living in the room down the hall. And like a good bridesmaid, Jana has been very accommodating and willing to help. She has certainly kept the stress level down and has kept my inner brideszilla at bay.

The finished products, thanks to DIY MOH, Jana!

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    1. SpikesDtr says:

      Thank God for family and friends that love us, they take a licking and keep on ticking.

    2. Heather says:

      Pretty! Go, Jana!

    3. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      The gold ombre design on the candle holders is really going to pop with your black and white “color” scheme, Nicole. Teamwork makes the dream work!

    4. S.bouie says:

      It is so hard getting my girls together!

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