Fashion Friday – Bridal News You Can Use

How far would you go to entertain your wedding guests?

Seven fun wedding entertainment ideas. Learn all about them here.

This couple is planning the first-ever corporately sponsored wedding! Read about the $30,000 nuptials here.

Dreaming of a southern wedding? Check out this wedding promotion in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Click here for more 411 on planning a low country wedding.

Registry ideas for an “outdoorsy” couple. Get the scoop here.

New study claims larger weddings lead to longer, happier marriages. Yeah, Triple B thinks this is a bunch of crapola, too. But you can read more about it here.

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    1. I actually believe the results of the study…It makes senses that having a larger community of supporters would make a couple want to be more accountable to each other and the people that witnessed the union…not to say that a couple that got married would automatically less likely to succeed but I can see how looking at a larger number, that pattern could emerge…

    2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      @Jackie – Eh…I see your pov but only to a small degree. It isn’t crazy to assume that the more loved ones there are seemingly holding them accountable, the more a couple might stay married. However in recent years, it appears as though a lot of guests at weddings aren’t truly “loved” ones at all. With the popularity of bridal reality shows, social media (i.e. – the pressure to have a “Pinterest-worthy wedding) and even some bridal blogs, I think there is a drastic increase in people viewing weddings as a form of entertainment. Many couples invite a significant amount of people based on bs (they’ll give a good gift and/or look good in my pics) and many guests attend weddings to keep score. Furthermore, I know far too many people who had small, intimate weddings and remained married for decades to take this survey seriously. Then of course there’s the matter of not knowing what the sample size of the survey was, who exactly conducted the study when/where, etc. that factor into the results as well.

      While we don’t agree, as always, I appreciate your comment.

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