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She said yes! Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook is now engaged to Nina Earl, who also played basketball at UCLA.

NBA star Russell Westbrook pops the question to former UCLA basketball player, Nina Earl Read about their real-life love + basketball story here

10 Cute Fall Wedding Trends Check ’em out here

Stylish wedding gowns for brides who want to cut a rug at their receptions View them here

Wedding favor alert: Pie in a jar? Yep! Find out how here

Celeb wedding gowns for less Watch the video here



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    1. Imma go ahead and say what a lot of yall are thinking but it feels good to see pro athletes marrying brown girls and I mean brown girls who are unquestionably Black. I have nothing at all against inter-racial relationships. Black women come in so many beautiful shades but when only one “type” is glorified as the ideal it sends such a damaging message to our young people. I hope Russell and Nina have a happy and healthy future together.

    2. @Carmen – Thanks for commenting. I understand your point. Hopefully, platforms like Triple B will help shift this narrative of Black women and our romantic relationships. Whether we look like Thandie Newton or Lupita Nyong’o, Black women — and our love — deserves to be uplifted and celebrated!

    3. She is very pretty. I am happy for them and wish them the best.

    4. Congratulations to the above couple. I don’t know anything about them but, I too am happy when well known Black individuals decide to marry within the race. It just dispels the myth that we all hate ourselves and each other. The idea of pie in a jar sounds and looks good to me, I love pie and having a small portion like that agrees with the blood sugar issue so many of us face. Lastly, dress #4 of wedding gowns to cut a rug in, is really appealing. Thanks for your reporting.

    5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts SD + Kim.

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