MARS vs. VENUS – Critique of a Groom’s Look

Hey, Triple B! Your favorite cousin has something new up his sleeve. In addition to my Final Friday musings on serious topics like marriage, brotherhood and parenting, I will post here each and every Thursday about…Fashion. The truth is I’m a simple khakis and sweater kinda guy when it comes to clothes — I’ve never been nor do I aspire to be a “fashion dude.” But Boss Lady Bridgette felt like was slacking in men’s wardrobe content. Eventually I had to agree she had a valid point: Most fellas want to be fly for their wedding day, too. Still, I told her I would only do it if I could make it fun and stay true to who I am. So I partnered up with my lil’ cuz Janee D. Weather aka “Venus” (Triple B’s hardworking editorial assistant) and soon the Mars vs. Venus concept was born. We’re kicking off this exciting feature with a look for the groom and/or his groomsmen in the above pic.

Mars thinks – This outfit can be worn on the BIG DAY. In fact, this is the exact tuxedo I planned to wear the day I walked the plank. Personally I prefer the neck tie, as opposed to a bow, with these Black by Vera Wang threads. A nicely fitted tuxedo will always work for a chic affair. However, I believe grey provides elegance without conforming to the masses – those that feel tuxedos should only be purchased in black or white. Almost any color and pattern pocket square matches well with this grey and this allows you to coordinate with the wedding colors.

Venus thinks – I’m agreeing with Cousin Mars; certainly “Big Day” attire. I’d actually prefer a grey tuxedo rather than the typical black or white one. Grey goes well with a host of hues like pink or purple maybe even a brown, tan, or burnt orange. As much as I love a great bow tie, I think a necktie will do! This tuxedo is certainly one of my favorites from the Vera Wang Black Collection.

Remember, each Thursday Mars vs. Venus will critique a new look. Next week’s look will be that of a popular comedic actress.

I don’t know who deserves credit for the following quote, but I initially discovered these words on Triple B’s founder Bridgette’s first blog – “Trendy is short, Fashion is long, Style is forever.” Please share your thoughts of this week’s outfit in the comment section. Also, let Venus and I know what you would add or subtract if you or your significant other rocked this Vera Wang tux.

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    1. I agree with comments from Mars and Venus. I believe that grooms wearing grey are becoming more popular because of attempt to differ from the masses and it looks great with all colors when attempting to match bridal party. Although i didnt wear grey for my own wedding it was considered but I was unsuccessful in finding ‘mandarin’ tuxedo in grey.

    2. I like this look too. I’m not sure that I like enough to spend $800, but I definitely like it. Any discount for mentioning this website?

    3. I like this look, love the color, I would like to see a pop of color added with a pink, purple or cobalt blue neck tie and pocket square.

    4. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      I’m excited about this new style feature on the site (debuting during Bridal Fashion Week no less) and very happy to read these positive comments thus far! FTR: “Bosslady” digs this tuxedo, too. Go Team Triple B!

      @Rob – I like the way you think! There’s no VW discount officially but please mention Triple B whenever you “shop the pages” here as it helps tremendously when we’re working on collabos and partnerships behind the scenes.

    5. I love this suit, but hope to get married on a beach. If I get my way, I doubt my husband to be or his groomsmen will wear suits.

    6. I have to agree with both ‘Mars’ and ‘Venus’. This tuxedo exudes elegance and class! What I truly love is that it doesn’t conform to the traditional (stoic) color scheme and will add a modern flair to a for the groom, groomsmen or any black tie event.

    7. Mars and Venus, you got this one right! I think this tux is sleek and sophisticated. It’s a perfect choice for a groom (or groomsman) that wants to look good on that special day without going over the top. I like the pairing with the black tie as an homage to the ‘traditional’ black tuxedo. Works all around. Loving it!

    8. “Mars” and “Venus” your opinions are down to earth and I agree with you both, this is definitely big day attire. I think one important detail about it is fit. A nice custom suit always makes a man look fresh. I’m also a big fan of the non-traditional look. A close friend of mine and his groomsmen wore really nice grey custom suits with matching custom Jordans (the bride put her Jordans on for the reception). It was amazing!

    9. This tuxedo is everything……………

    10. Now if I could only find a man to wear this fine suit. *one tear falls*

    11. Thank you for the comments. I’m sure we aren’t always going to agree, so I am taking a mental picture of each of these responses.

    12. tres chic, cousin mars.

      the silhouette is…well, wonderful! (note to the gentleman who has the confidence to try something better than new and certainly improved: the fit on this suit MUST be perfect; no last-minute changes here). Who knew a lapel could be as quietly elegant as it is daring.

      Bravo, Mars. This suit will make the groom nearly as special as his bride.

      Grooms-to-be: Be advised to set your alarms for thursday.

    13. Matthew Bastien says:

      Cousin Mars is right, us brothers gotta keep it right, keep it tight on a wedding day.

    14. Classy and clean. Understated but tailored is always a good look on a brother!

    15. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      Mars vs. Venus is a bona fide hit! Keep the comments coming, folks.

    16. I’m diggin’ the tux. Grey is a great idea. It comes across as formal yet not trying to hard as you would with a black or white tux. “Casual black tie”?

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