Marriage Matters Monday – Secrets to a 70 Year Union

Ruth + Jerry Greenspan on their wedding day circa ~1944

No, this couple isn’t Black. Yet the wisdom shared in the below video crosses racial barriers. It needed to be shared. They’re still together and seem to personify the mantra, “Live.Love.Laugh.”

Watch. Digest. Comment.

My favorite takeaway from this interview:

“Nothing could be always smooth, otherwise it’s boring.”

Thank you Ruth and Jerry Greenspan. Duly noted.

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    1. They are adorable! So much wisdom in this interview.

    2. One of the best video I ever watched…..Thanks for sharing.

    3. This video has so many jewels not just for relationships but life in general.

    4. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      I’m glad you all watched and found it as “edutaining” as I did!

    5. Aww Jerry…A man after my own heart!! “She had on Penny Loafers when I met her!” This is too cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

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