Mars vs. Venus – Critique of a Groom’s Reception Look

Black on Black on Black

Cousin Mars thinks – I’ll start by saying Nasir Jones aka Nas (pictured above) is from Queens, NY…as am I, might I add. Now let me get into this all black “get-up.” In fashion, every year we hear something is the “New Black.” Mr. Jones must have decided if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, huh? I think this ensemble is subtle, classic, and relaxed. It would take a confident couple and forward fashion man to feel comfortable pulling this look off for a wedding ceremony. However, I believe many men would feel fine strutting through their reception and/or the recently made popular wedding after party in this black-on-black-on-black look.

Venus thinks – Owww, Mr. Jones! I’m not sure whether to look at him or the tux, but in the case of Venus vs. Mars this look might be my favorite. You’re probably thinking it’s just black; no ladies and gentlemen it’s classic. For the groom that’s going for a “different look” this is it. For the fellas who prefer loose collars by undoing the top button, you will find this acceptable for more casual wedding related events such as the reception and bachelor party, but I’d suggest an undone bow-tie or scarf for a modern ceremony. For any considering grooms, don’t forget your best timepiece and your pinky ring! (lol)

What do you think of the ensemble Nas is wearing in the above pic? Share with us (good, bad or indifferent) in the comments.

Read last week’s Mars vs. Venus post here.

[Image courtesy of Nas was photographed at the Annual Alicia Keys Keep a Child Alive Black Ball.]

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  1. Needless to say, the suit is bad, the good bad. But, for me its too much black.

  2. Can there ever be too much black? lol I think I am too zoned in on Nas to care.

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Nas!!!!!!! Yummmmmmmmers!!!!!!…………….Yea the suit is hot too!

  4. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    I was avoiding leaving a comment on this post because my husband has nicknamed me Stan as it relates to Nas. To avoid y’all thinking I’m crazy (or crazier), I’ll stick to the attire. I agree with both Mars and Venus today. This look is classic, clean, sophisticated and most importantly the fit is on point (so key; fellas notice where his trousers break). I definitely think this works for a rehearsal dinner, a less formal/untraditional ceremony or wedding after party. Me likey. A lot.

  5. Mondella Jones/MJLA Media Mondella Jones/MJLA Media says:

    In the words of my west coast brethren Ice Cube “Yay Yaaaaay!” I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this look! Mr. Jones is bringing the heat!

  6. Cousin Mars Cousin Mars says:

    It looks like each most of the ladies are more focused on the man & not the outfit. Shhhh, but I think Venus is guilty of this too. I’m going to find some eye candy for me in an upcoming MARS vs. VENUS. lol

  7. Also a Queens native and comfortable in my manhood I can say, Nas can dress. Always has. This tux is official. Classic with nuances like the all black belt. Some nice spectacles would have taken it over the top.

  8. I’d rock this look for my wedding. I’d have to be in a Philly state-of-mind though. haha. Side note… why is Nas slouching like that in the pic?

  9. I think all black works just as well as any other combination of hues! (Black also happens to be one of my favorites:)) Thank you guys for joining the conversation!

  10. nas looks great…good…uh, definitely after-party. the fit is pretty good (yeah, bbb on the break of the pants; any more would be…well…too much).
    the thing about going against type is that tailoring must be perfect (when you break a rule it should look planned…thought out…creative).
    the thing about black is that it can look, well, funereal. and if the ring bearer thinks you’re Darth Vader, well, you might want to deliver a couple of lines that will remind him that you are “friend-not-foe.”
    (NOTE: beware the state of comfortable. that unpaved lane that veers off the main road all too often leads straight to hell. and the pictures will retell your tale of poor judgement for the rest of your life.
    and stand up straight.
    you too, nas.

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