Mars vs. Venus – Critique of a Groom’s Look

Mr. Chappelle looking like $1,000,000!

Cousin Mars thinks – I’ll start by saying I am a huge Chappelle fan. I probably wouldn’t be too critical of any outfit he wore. Fortunately for me, Dave made critiquing this look a cinch. First few thoughts – distinguished, elegant, and classy. This tux would totally rock on one’s wedding day. The untied bow and unbuttoned collar shouldn’t occur until the feet hit the dance floor during the reception and a few sips have been tasted. As always, proper fit and an appropriate level of confidence puts this look over the top.

Venus thinks – I absolutely love this tux! It’s a very unique color combination and a great wear for the winter groom. The black silk lining adds a classic touch. While I’m a big fan of the tux, I think the loose collar looks a little messy. Gentlemen, I suggest that you do not try this on your big day. Maybe if you want to feel a little more comfortable at your reception you can attempt it. But a lose bow tie for the ceremony? I don’t think that’s a great idea. “Keep it classy” not only goes for the bride, but for grooms as well.

Check out what Mars and Venus had to say last week here.

[Picture courtesy of GQ Magazine.]

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  1. Pairing navy and black used to be frowned upon but thankfully we’ve loosened up and embraced this color combo. When pulled off successfully it can appear so classy. Dave owned this tux on the cover of GQ and I think a confident groom can on his wedding day as well!

  2. Dave looks like he’s worthy of the next Bond role. He is wearing this suit well. Men…take notes.

  3. I love this tux! What makes this outfit so amazing are the accessories and small touches. The shirt buttons, ring, and watch are all great compliments. Great fit too! $1,000,000 all the way Dave!!! He’s back!!

  4. This look is the best I’ve seen on a male in the last decade. It absolutely rocks! I agree with all the accolades above and more, it doesn’t get better than this.

  5. I definitely agree with Bridgette! Dave is wearing this tux. This is certainly a ceremony favorite!

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