Tie the Knot Tuesday – Sonia and Brett

Bliss is in the Air: Meet Sonia + Brett

Couple: Sonia and Brett
Wedding Date: May 31, 2014
Wedding + Reception Location: Angelus Mountain Center, Altadena, CA
Wedding Theme: It’s a Wrap

Kindred Spirits “My first impression of Brett was that he was a typical East Coast cat with the Echo shirt and Tims!” recalls Sonia jokingly about her now husband, Brett. She adds, “I also thought he was nice.” The pair met in New York while attending the same graduate program at Actors Studio Drama School. That was 2004. “We were platonic friends for years,” she continues. Brett agrees and shares that their friendship was easy because, “we enjoy doing the same things.”

Sweet Thang “After being friends for years we were cast in a film together where we began to get sweet on each other,” shares Sonia. Shortly after filming, the duo connected on a romantic level and began dating. Brett explains, “The fact that we enjoy many of the same activities made it so much easier to plan dates.” Still, Sonia is honest about making the switch from “strictly friend” to “boyfriend”. “I had loved Brett like a brother for years before we were romantically involved so when the transition into loving him as a potential husband began it took a few months.”

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[All images by LA Exposures.]

Worth the Wait “Brett and I wanted to remain abstinent until marriage, have curfews for ending our dates and involve accountability into our relationship,” reveals Sonia. “Keeping sex out of the relationship was a challenge. We did slip up at the very beginning. However, having to learn about each other without the mask of sex really brought us closer.” That closeness helped the couple face the valleys of life. Brett confesses, “[At one point while dating] I left my job and had no steady income. God drew Sonia and I closer during that time. She was my biggest champion. It was particularly difficult for me but she was all in.  We got through that period together. It gave us an idea of what marriage would be like.”

Welcome to Hollywood! Once Brett decided to ask Sonia for her hand in marriage, he devised an intricate plan to surprise her at a Tuskegee University’s Homecoming (Sonia’s alma mater). His plan was a success and Sonia said, “Yes!” The couple decided to wed in California and played on their love of acting for the theme. Even the programs was a nod to their mutual affinity for theater and stage. The fun-loving pair (who are now expecting a bundle of joy!) made sure guests were entertained throughout the day. “During the ceremony, our friend sang She’s Your Queen to Be from Coming to America,” says Sonia. Brett declares, “I am excited to explore the reason we were brought together. I believe figuring this out together will be fun, exciting, challenging, and worthwhile.”

Sonia’s Budget Bridal Tips for Future Brides

Be a Frugal Fashionista “I shopped at trunk shows and sample sales for my dress.”

Friends with Benefits “We had a close friend who is a professional decorator design a concept for our outdoor DIY wedding. We saved by not having to pay her typical fee.”

Friends with Benefits “Brett and I found a caterer from a message board and referral. We received great food at an exceptionally lower rate.”

Sonia + Brett’s Wedding Vendors

Hairstylist: Marci Gatlin of Simply Unique Hair Salon, Mt. View, CA
Makeup Artist: Aisha Benton, Los Angeles, CA
Florist: Sonia Alcazar (The bride) of Floristic Designs, Los Angeles, CA
Caterer: A Classy Party to Remember
DJ: DJ Rey Cua
Videographer: Merciville Productions
Wedding Gown: Jasmine Collection
Shoe Designer: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Dress Designer: David’s Bridal
Groom/Groomsmen Tuxedo Designer: Friar Tux
Photographer: LA Exposures
Wedding Coordinator: Becky Balboa of Balboa Weddings

View Sonia and Brett’s creative engagement session here and their proposal video here.

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    1. There’s so much about this post I love. Because their engagement session was so interesting, I waited to see the wedding coverage. It was worth the wait, this couple exudes happiness, fun and love. The footwear of both are lovely, I enjoy seeing some whimsy mixed in with formal. I’m a big fan of rice cakes and liked that element as well. Above all, the photos are darling, fun is all up in there. I wish them all the fun life has to offer, it’s a fantastic foundation to a great marriage. Congratulations!

    2. @SD -Isn’t it just blissful? I’m so happy Sonia and Brett agreed to share their story with Triple B in Tie the Knot Tuesday!

    3. Great read & the pictures are even better. It is obvious to any looking at these pictures that this couple is in love. Perhaps the cute kids won me over.

    4. Beautiful wedding and love story.

    5. Keep the love for Brett + Sonia coming, folks!

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