Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Children + Tweens



Name/Title: Indigo, Intern + Social Media Ninja
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West Orange, New Jersey
Favorite Holiday Memory:
Waking up way too early on Christmas morning with my sister to open gifts with our fireplace going!
What I Enjoy Most About Weddings:
Witnessing the happiness a couple feels. No matter how things go later, for that one day they are truly happy.

1. Disney’s Frozen Sing Along Boom Box, $35; – No one could miss the obsession that came with Disney’s hit film Frozen. What really gave the movie such a cult following was the catchy soundtrack. So it was only right to have a sing-a-long toy for your child to belt their hearts out to popular tunes from the fun flick.

2. LeapFrog Leapband (Green), $45; – In the last few years we’ve seen fitness bands become popular with adults to help them stay in shape. Now this concept has jumped over to children to help them stay active, too.

3. Disney Doc McStuffins Checkup Center & Dress-up Outfit Gift Set, $130; – Doctor McStuffins is a cartoon that feeds your kids imagination. This set ensures that all the stuffed animals in your home will be in the best medical hands.

4. Annie for Target Girls’ Bow Dress, $30; – Is anyone else super excited about the new Annie movie? I know I am! Target is doing an Annie collection and one of my favorite pieces is this dress. It would be a super cute addition to any little girl’s wardrobe.

5. Getaway Red/Navy Rugby Duffle, $69; – Doesn’t it seems like kids and tweens nowadays have more social obligations than we do whether its sports practices or sleepovers? This monogram duffle bag is a cool way for them carry everything they need.

6. Initial Bar Pendant Necklace, $36; – Having something monogrammed or initialed has become super popular with young people. This would be a great gift for any teenage girl in your life.

7. Jam Plus Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $50; – Listening to music through headphones is one thing but playing it outloud wirelessly makes for a more enjoyable listening experience. The great sound quality available from this small speaker will amaze you.

8. “Selfie Shooter” Wireless Smartphone Camera Remote, $20; – Trying to take the prefect selfie is a first world problem many people are guilty of. Now there’s a way to help make it easier. All you have to do is put your cellular phone on a stand, press the button and you’re free to pose!

9. FxA Clutchette Rae Power Smartphone Charger, $50; – Most young girls are attached at the hip to their cell phones, which often leaves their phones dead. This can be dangerous. Problem solved in a fashionable way with this portable charging clutch. Such a cute and effective gift to help tweens and teens in your life stay connected.

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  1. Of course I’m like a proud mama about this Gift Guide! Indigo, I like all your picks but especially excited about anything Doc McStuffins related. Huge shout to MJLA Media for ensuring the design was tight! Go Team Triple B — we all worked hard on this guide and I’m pumped about it debuting today.

  2. This was a great surprise. Unfortunately for me, I have two girls that I apparently no longer understand. These suggestions should help make my month a tad bit easier.

  3. Such cute and great ideas!!!! .

  4. Avatar SpikesDtr says:

    Very interesting!

  5. Mondella Jones/MJLA Media Mondella Jones/MJLA Media says:

    Congrats Team Triple B! I know that Bridgette’s had this series of guides in her head for a couple of years now. So glad we were finally able to make it happen. And huge shout out to Indigo. It’s hard being the first one up in a series, but you delivered big time. I’ve already ordered “selfie shooters” for my teen nieces! (Hope they’re not reading this:-)

  6. Cousin Mars Cousin Mars says:

    Hmmmm. I have a couple of kids in my circle…these suggestions are about to save me some brain power. Thanks, Indigo.

  7. Avatar Indigo White says:

    Thanks everyone for the positive feed back. I know shopping for others for the holidays is something that most people dread including myself. So I am super excited that this gift guide could help you guys out a little. <3

  8. The clutchette rae power smart phone charger is my favorite and will probably be under the tree for my niece this year! Why she’s 8 with a smartphone that’s another conversation! lol Great job Indigo love your picks!

  9. My daughter loves Doc McStuffins (& I love that she does). Thanks for the ideas.

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