Holiday Gift Guide 2014: For Men


1.   Arthur George by Rob Kardashian Socks $15, (style shown: Arrows) – These are awesome conversation starters. Who am I fooling? If she can see your socks, there probably isn’t much of a need for conversation, right?

2.  Anthony Essential Traveler Kit $56, – This is great for the frequent flyer. I really like Anthony products and I love the name more (inside joke).

3.  OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet (for iPhone 6) $40 – $50, – This company has the best (my opinion) phone and gadget cases. Their great warranty and product replacement practices has kept me loyal for the past 5 years. I suggest allowing OtterBox to protect your tech toys.

4.  Braun Series 7 (790cc-4) Shaver $170, – Technically this is a gift for yourself. Think about it this way: If he uses this quality shaver regularly, you’ll find him more handsome, more often. You owe it to yourself to buy this for the man in your life.

5.  10-Day Purium Transformation Cleanse $270,– Let him know that he should expect to lose 5 – 15 pounds in just 10 days! PLUS – reset his metabolism and break an addiction to food while detoxing his temple and cleaning his digestive tract. This might be considered a gift for you, too.

6.  Kenneth Cole Metal Stress Ball Set $15, kennethcole.comYou’re probably thinking he doesn’t need these. Chances are pretty high he isn’t thinking the same thing. If he is a good man, anything to reduce stress is a great idea.

7.  The Wire: Complete Series DVD $150, – I know Blu Ray is now the norm, but if DVD is the only way to capture arguably one of the top five TV shows of all time – so be it. Perhaps my connection to Maryland causes me to be a bit biased, but who can deny the impact The Wire….Wait. I gotta go….Omar comin’!

8.  Men’s Custom NBA Gear (various) $30 – $300, – Many boys dream of being a professional athlete. As we age, most of us turn into passionate fans of the teams we would have loved to represent. Here’s your chance to temporarily bring that cute little boy out of the responsible grown man who always tries to keep a smile on your face.

9.  Financial Future Assessment $ Varies – I don’t particularly care which company/firm you select to provide assistance with your family’s financial planning, but please choose a reputable one. In the communities in which I was raised, developing responsible and proactive financial strategies wasn’t openly discussed. Hopefully my past experiences don’t mirror your current situation, but if it does, use this holiday season to re-route your future.

Check out our top holiday gift picks for women here.

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  1. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Mars, you knocked this out the park! While all of your selections are great because they’re so thoughtful but not too “practical” (key for gift giving), I’m really impressed by your inclusion of #5 and #9. Go Team Triple B!

  2. Great gift ideas! My dude will probably want all of them! Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Good picks, Cuz, thanks.

  4. Now that No Shave November is over, that Braun Shaver may be useful for many of us men. I’m trying to make it until December 31st before getting rid of my cheek warmers.

  5. OMG! I may buy The Wire Series – I’ll act like it is his gift, but will have playing during my entire week off at the end of the month.

  6. Very interesting picks, one thing that never crossed my mind is a gift certificate to a financial advisor.

  7. I’m with you Bridgette. Any woman that gives the gift of number 9 is marriage material and if your already married then maybe a ring upgrade is in order. Cuzzin Mars, number 7 is a staple!! …Hint, hint Dana….

  8. Mondella Jones/MJLA Media Mondella Jones/MJLA Media says:

    Go Cousin Mars! I love, love, LOVE your picks. Numbers 7,8, and 9 are the business! Any man who loves THE WIRE, reps for the 80s Lakers of my childhood (Go Magic!), and is proactive with financial planning might be “manfriend” material.

  9. Numbers 7 and 9 are a definite for my husband. I’m also strongly considering the shaver for my son. He breaks out badly using razors. I don’t know if shavers are better.

  10. I always by my brothers socks and ties for Christmas. This year I think I’ll follow your suggestion and go with the AG socks. I’m sure they will appreciate these swag socks more than they have my boring purchases in past years. Thanks BBB

  11. The Kenneth Cole stress ball set is my favorite! Who ever knew you could be stress free and fabulous! lol Great picks Mars!

  12. Avatar Indigo White says:

    Find gifts for guys is always a struggle for me thanks for some great ideas!

  13. Avatar Cousin Mars says:

    I’m thrilled to hear many you enjoyed my picks. This was tougher than I initially expected. Of course I think my taste the bomb, sharing it with all of you was just a bit “interesting.” Thank you all for commenting.

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