Holiday Gift Guide 2014: For Tech Lovers


1. Boomphones Phantom Headphones, $130; – Get the best of both worlds: These headphones allow you to keep your jamming sessions private, or with the push of a button enter Boombox Mode, and share your music with friends in the vicinity.

2. Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard, $50; logitech.comYes! This keyboard works with your computer, tablet, and smartphone. For all those that work and play with technology all day, this is almost a must have.

3. Dolce Gusto Circolo Automatic Coffee Machine, $180;– This can be a gift that keeps on giving. Buy this for your (insert corny endearment term here) and commit to making sure he gets a Cup o’ Joe, Tea, or Hot Chocolate on time every morning.

4. GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition HD Action Camcorder, $300; radioshack.comIdeal for the adventurous dude who cycles, drives, kayaks, skis, snowboards, jogs, or even simply walks and wants to capture various moments of life. So many things can be done with this camcorder…soooo many.

5. Bose Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System, $250; – One of the keys to a healthy relationship is being able to, on occasion, drown out the sound of your significant other. These speakers may help you get to your next anniversary with a smile.

6. Samsung Gear S Watch, $300; – Droid…Samsung…Do I really need to say any more to convince you that this is a great gift? The technology this watch possesses is insane. A must have for a gadget fanatic!

7. Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet, $180; –  The Kindle Fire provides a great escape to the chaotic NYC Subway or DC Metro rush hour commutes, as well as all of those flights with the amazingly cute baby that just won’t stop crying. Games, books, magazines, movies, and more are all at your finger tips with this device.

8. Electronic Closet Tie Rack, $30; – If your guy is anything like this guy, this item needs to be purchased immediately. I’ve been wearing ties since 9th grade and for some reason I still can’t keep them organized. Now I know what can help change that.

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    1. I bought the Gear S watch on Black Friday. I am in love with this watch/phone. My husband will probably have # 8 under our tree this month.

    2. @Sharon – I’m glad to read you’re enjoying the Samsung watch/phone. And we’re on the same page with #8…My husband’s ties would greatly benefit from this. I think $30 is pretty good value, too. Thanks for commenting.

    3. I agree! Number 8 is a great gift for a man of many ties (my dad). Thanks ” Expert on Manhood”!

    4. Indigo White says:

      I don’t have a spouse that I need to drown out just yet lol but sometime you just have to blast your music and drown out the world. I love Bose products so I’m sure those speakers are amazing!

    5. I know my husband wants # 4, but I’m going to surprise him by also buying # 5 for his man cave.

    6. Cousin Mars says:

      @Janee – I actually think “Expert on MANHOOD” had a great ring to it. Do you question my qualifications? lol
      @Sharon – That watch/phone is HOT. I didn’t immediately know that it could be used as a stand alone phone. That helped get me hooked.
      @Bridgette – Soooooo get # 8! lol

    7. @Katrina – I applaud you for respecting the man cave. lol
      @Indigo – I hope you didn’t just open the flood gates. Bridgette and I don’t want a bunch of dudes emailing us proposals for you. lol

    8. That electronic tie rack sounds like a nice gift for someone. Thanks for the idea!

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