1. These photos are classic in their simplicity. “The Art in You,” “Besos,” and “Picture Perfect” are photo book worthy. Although I don’t know this couple, have never seen nor heard of them, their compatibility screamed out to me. May they have a life of God granted bliss!

  2. @SD – Thank you for sharing those kind words about this couple’s session. I too really like the simplicity of them. And how gorgeous is Alicia’s skin? Oh em gee! Yes, may God grant them a life of bliss indeed.

  3. Photographing this couple gave me GREAT joy! The were fun to work with and the natural gravitation they had toward each other made this the easiest shoot I had ever done. By far!

  4. This couple looks so happy together. Great looking couple.

  5. Beautiful pictures, Congratulations to Alicia and Yao.

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