Mars vs Venus – Critique of a Groom’s Look

David Oyelowo at Los Angeles "Selma" premiere

MARS says – I like the actual suit and its color. I’m not particularly fond of the fit, tie, or shirt that are worn with this suit. At the risk of sounding too critical, it appears to me that this look was put together pretty quickly. I wouldn’t suggest these threads to a groom tying the knot, but I wouldn’t have any issues with groomsmen wearing this attire after changing the shirt & tie combination. Oh yeah, they may want to see my tailor in the Bronx. Good tailoring can mask so much. Conversely, poor tailoring or neglecting to tailor at all can expose as much. In this case,  the lack of a tailored fit opens the criticism flood gates.

VENUS says – I’m not expert  in menswear but I don’t believe that this particular shade of grey is a winter hue. Although, I do commend David for his boldness in choosing a light shade which most men of color tend to stray from. What I love most about this look would definitely be the stripped shirt. I also love David’s oxfords by Louis Leeman. I would’ve also loved to see this suit tailored to fit David a little more. The addition of a pocket square could have taken this look from church to red carpet. Would I suggest this look for today’s groom? Absolutely! This look would be perfect for the upcoming spring/summer nuptials and certainly a more casual look for groomsmen. Lastly, depending on the season I would consider a lighter shoe. A cognac brown would be perfect for the spring/summer seasons.

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[Image courtesy of Louis Leeman.]

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    1. I don’t like this look for a groom. It looks too “blah.”

    2. @Katrina were you thinking a little too casual for a groom? So was I ! Thanks for weighing in!

    3. I agree with both of you (Mars + Venus) that the fit of this suit isn’t the best. Proper tailoring can make all the difference in how a man rocks a suit (regardless of it’s cost). I’m indifferent on the color. Overall I think this look would be nice for any groom to consider wearing for a casual backyard wedding or even a beach/island destination affair.
      P.S. – I’m so daggone excited about this big screen production of Selma that any opportunity for it to be mentioned here on Triple B is a plus!

    4. Yes. The outfit doesn’t say “SPECIAL DAY” or “ONCE IN A LIFE.” I see more “ITS WEDNESDAY” than anything else.

    5. I concur with all of the above comments; wrong shirt and tie, not a good fit, not the best shade of gray, not the right shoes (my opinion). Nothing, let me repeat, Nothing about this outfit says “groom.” But, I also feel a pocket square could have kicked it up a notch.

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