The 10 Most Memorable Triple B Posts of 2014

Solange + Alan Hughes exchanged vows in the magical city of New Orleans in 2014!

Happy Kwanzaa! The year is quickly coming to an end. Before we officially say goodbye to 2014, here’s a look at the most memorable posts on this year:

Most memorable Marriage Matters post Although it didn’t receive a ton of comments or reposts, this list of 5 Things Everyone Should Ask Themselves Before Tying the Knot was probably the most important post on all of in 2014. Expect more of this type of content in 2015. Triple B is bigger than weddings. 

Most memorable e-session: (Not Quite) Tie the Knot Tuesday feature Since they’re both actors by trade, it isn’t shocking that Sonia and Brett of Los Angeles had such a clever engagement session. Revisit the creative couple’s wedding recap here.

Tie the Knot Tuesday Flashback

Most popular (based on comments) Tie the Knot Tuesday feature The Royall Union in Charlotte, NC was a memorable post for 2014. Surprised?

Most memorable travel/destination wedding post: ST. LUCIA! (St. Croix was a very close second.)

Most memorable Bridgette’s Pick of the Week post I had no idea a personal essay about postponing my honeymoon in order to re-prioritize household finances would get such positive responses. Former Triple B intern Laura commented on this story via Facebook saying, “When you tell your truth, you give someone else courage.” You all seemingly felt the same. Who knew?

Most memorable Cousin Mars post Take your pick from this selection!

Bridesmaid Bliss: 15 Minutes With... became a bona fide Triple B hit in 2014!

Most memorable 15 Minutes With… This fun monthly Q&A style feature kicked off in January 2014. Based on your comments, William P. Miller of W.P. Miller Special Events was a fan fave.

Most memorable video This couple — married 70 years and counting — entertained and enlightened.

Most memorable celebrity wedding – Several celebs tied the knot this year but Solange and Alan Hughes (top image) shut it down! Their nuptials were stylish (as expected) weren’t pretentious (very refreshing) and the couple followed the Big Easy tradition of incorporating a Second Line into their reception (so much fun!). But the best part? Solange and her son Julez performing a specially choreographed dance to No Flex Zone. [Video is embedded in post.]

The BBB audience didn't hold back on the topic of Gabby + Wade!

Most controversial post – You guys certainly were expressive in your feelings surrounding the events leading up to actress Gabrielle Union‘s engagement to NBA star D. Wade! The comments — from both sexes — were thought-provoking, candid and plentiful.

*BONUS* In addition to 15 Minutes With…, Triple B launched another exciting feature this year: Mars vs. Venus! This style-driven feature was met with rave reviews. Remember the Mars vs. Venus debut?

Did you enjoy this trip down memory lane? Which of the above stories was your favorite and why?

(Psst: Triple B will return on January 5, 2015. Enjoy your New Year celebrations responsibly!)

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    1. Those pink tank tops (wife beaters) are very cute! People can say what they want about Gabrielle Union but she seems to be enjoying her life with Dwayne Wade. Happy Holidays bbb!

    2. Without a doubt, the Royall Union was my favorite story of all times; I am encouraged that young people are continuing to marry and to make that covenant between each other and God.

      ***I look forward to expansion of BBB in all areas.

    3. Many thanks @S + AZ!

      P.S. Aunt Zee – Your unwavering support of Triple B is so appreciated. These days I’m most thankful for things money can’t buy and my family is one of them. Expect lots of growth for BBB in 2015!

    4. Although it isn’t listed here, my favorite is the post by the husband that aspired to be the best husband/father he could be. How profound that a young man recognizes that as his most important task of a lifetime? Of course, the Royall Union is a very close second and I concur with ShaQuanna about Gabrielle Union. A quote in a book given me, “What could you achieve in life if you decided to become totally and blissfully impervious to hostile criticism and to rejection?” attributed to Gary S. Goodman, comes to mind. Congratulations on a great year and abundant blessings in the year to come. One Love!

    5. I forgot to note that I’m a Cousin Mars devotee, so anything by him is my favorite of course!

    6. My favorite was the Royall Union in Charlotte NC.

    7. Good posts from the most memorable trends of 2014! I think the Solange wedding was great. Check out my wedding pics here Calvin Lionel Weddings

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