Triple B 2015 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Looking to give — or receive — something beyond roses, chocolates and teddy bears this Valentine’s Day? We thought you might be so we rounded up 10 of our must-have items or experiences. Check out our hand-picked Valentine’s Day Gift Picks beyond the predictable items of the season…Enjoy!

1) Royale Amethyst Stationery for Lovers Gift Set, $15;

2) Stevie Wonder “Songs in the Key of Life” concert tickets, prices start at $60;

3) Emi-Jay Pullover, $36;
4) Bella Il Fiore “Sleeping Beauty Has Nothing on Me” Sleep Mask, $28;

5) *Mars wants to note that these heels would be for his wife; not for him. But they’d ultimately end up being for him so they’re a win-win…* Charles David Red Suede Pumps, $99;
6) Shea Moisture Men’s Hair, Shave and Grooming Collection; prices start at $5 for Three Butters Utility Soap;

7) Couple’s Cooking Class, prices start at $250 per couple;
8) Wine & Paint Party Class, $69 per couple;

9) Amelia Rose Royal Earrings-Emerald Cut in Ruby Pink, $89;
10) Lulu & Georgia “ Love” Watercolor Print, $17;

Which of the above picks is your favorite and why? Share in the comments!

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  1. Great suggestions, especially those earrings and sleep mask. Thanks.

  2. Love the red pumps Mars! @CousinMars

  3. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @SD – Happy you found the guide fun + informative!

  4. Thanks! I love the cooking class idea.

  5. @Shakina – Glad to hear!

  6. I’ll take one of several, for myself, of course! It’s too lake to use for Valentine’s Day. Maybe next year.

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