Mars vs. Venus – Critique of a Groom’s Rehearsal Dinner look

Got Stripes? Mars vs Venus Critque

Got Stripes? Mars vs Venus Critique

Cousin Mars thinks – This look works for him. I doubt I’d attempt to mimic this style; primarily because I may not be daring enough to wear a polka dot tie with a stripped shirt. I also think the stripe and dots combination works better for thin guys. All in all, this look gets a nod of approval from me (just not for me).

Venus thinks – The tie…shirt…and socks? Okay, at some point we have to stop with the stripes and polka dots! I’m a lover of fun fashion but this look is a little too busy for me. (And let’s not forget the Louis Vuitton loafers…) I’d personally keep the shirt and the handkerchief but replace this tie with a slimmer, solid, black one. And sorry Louis but you and your socks have to go. I would have preferred black shoes and solid socks. Fellas, consider this look for your rehearsal dinner.

Check out what Mars and Venus had to say last week here.

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  1. All the stripes make it look like a prison uniform. I agree with Venus on the suggestions for change.

  2. NO. Just no!

  3. lol @SpikesDtr a very stylish prison uniform! Thank you both for tuning in!

  4. I want to like this. Really, I do.

  5. These comments are funny! This definitely isn’t my fave groom’s look critiqued in M vs V. Venus, I so agree w/ you on the logo shoes…

  6. Avatar idismith says:

    ladies and gentlemen:
    this fashion shoot is styled to the max. it offers potential consumers a couple (or more) of choices.
    one can CHOOSE the socks OR the shirt (or the pocket square shown, worn with a solid color shirt that picks up ONE of the colors in the square). the shirt shown offers an idea for those who like stripes. the tie is for polka dot lovers (note that a tie and matching square are often paired).
    the stylist also makes the point that one does not have to limit oneself to dark-hued (read black/brown/blue) socks. a bright (solid) color is now acceptable and fun.
    anyone who duplicates the look shown–especially for an event that will be looked at again and again over the years, by friends and foes alike–risks being labeled a clown for the rest of his days.
    i know this from experience. i once wore cream-colored pleated trousers, a tricolor striped blazer (i had sense enough to add a solid-color shirt) and two-tone spectator shoes, to a special event. a women i had admired came up to me and (seriously) asked: “did you see (the TV-special) “Minstrel Man”?
    i remain “once-bitten, twice-shy” to this day.

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