Mars vs Venus – A Groom’s Rehearsal Dinner Look


Rehearsal dinner ready? Mars + Venus decide…

Mars thinks – I love this look. The color coordination is totally on point and the fit is impeccable. The shirt sleeves are peeking out as they should. This look would go well for a rehearsal dinner. I agree with Venus, autumn is the first season that comes to mind. However, I’ll grant a pass if this is worn during the early portion of spring. To be totally honest, my wardrobe and calendar are rarely in the same thought. I’d rock this today or on a cool September evening.

Venus thinks – Mars I have to give it to you this is an awesome pick. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t you agree? Although the shell is giving me Fall 2015 the blue shirt is a great compliment to the auburn. When I see men in similar looks my initial thought is “Show me the socks!” but this look can certainly go without killer socks. My favorite piece of this is the tie hands down! Yes, I’m a bow tie type of lady but for this look I could do without one. I don’t particularly care for the dark shoes. I’d suggest a pair of cognac brown dress shoes or loafers. I’d consider this look for the groom or even the groomsmen. What do you all think?

Check out what Mars and Venus had to say about the fashionable looks on the hit television show Empire here.

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    1. SpikesDtr says:

      I like it, a lot. But, agree with Venus on the shoes.

    2. Definitely a great fall look!!

    3. Definitely not the best choice in shoe pairing, but the look still gets a thumbs up from me.

    4. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      Lovin’ all this Mars vs Venus love on Triple B today. Keep the comments coming, folx! BTW – I’m digging the look as well but I too agree w/ the shoe hue tweak suggested by Venus.

    5. Ms. Pratt says:

      Fall flavor!

    6. NICE!!!!!!!!

    7. Like Bridgette I too am feeling the Mars VS Venus love! Thank you all for weighing in!

    8. Johnny Blaze says:

      I’d possibly rock this outfit to a rehearsal but it does seem a bit dressy… The color and cut of the vest and shirt is what really makes the outfit in my opinion. And I see the point about pairing it with lighter shoes but I kind of feel that would take away from the “pop” of the vest and it wouldn’t quite stand out anymore.

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