Final Fridays with Cousin Mars – Ross Oscar Knight’s In His Moment

In his new book, famed photographer Ross Oscar Knight uncovers what's going through a groom's mind before he says "I Do".

In his new book, famed photographer Ross Oscar Knight uncovers what’s going through a groom’s mind before he says “I Do”.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ross Oscar Knight (photographer, author, speaker and philanthropist) and we discussed his newly released book, In His Moment. Here’s what he shared:

Men & Their Emotions

During his own wedding, renowned lensman Ross Oscar Knight recognized the spotlight often dims quickly for the groom on the big day. Mr. Knight savored the attention and well wishes he received as he prepared to walk down the aisle. However, when his gorgeous fiance was visible, all eyes shifted to her. Knight noticed, as have many husbands experience themselves, all eyes also remained on her. He didn’t share the spotlight with the woman he chose to spend the rest of his life loving; she replaced him in that spotlight. Isn’t this normal? Of course it is, but fortunately for us, this realization fueled the creation of In His Moment  — a hard cover tome providing candid thoughts and emotions of husbands recounting their respective wedding days. The accomplished photographer set out to pen a collection of candid stories from grooms about their previously unspoken feelings and emotions experienced leading to and during their wedding day. Starting with some of his most memorable images of men at weddings, Ross began pairing compelling photographs with words that are too often never heard. Long after their wedding ceremonies ended, Ross found a way to return the spotlight to these men and, more importantly, give them a voice.

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Nobody Cares

“…I felt like a guest at my wife’s wedding” was a sentiment shared by one former groom. Another said “I felt as though my job was to hurry up and wait on my wedding day.” This particular quote comes from a groom expressing the frustration many grooms endure as a result of receiving constant instruction on the wedding day. When Knight began attempting to link some of his favorite images with the thoughts from that captured moment, he realized that he too shared several of the expressed feelings.

In fact, his interviews caused him to reflect upon his wedding day. Having had a relatively short and early Sunday wedding, the Knights later wished that they planned for a longer ceremony to allow more face time with loved family members and friends.

In His Moment could make a welcoming gift for an engaged couple.

In His Moment could make a welcoming gift for an engaged couple.

Man on a Mission

“With my camera I learn more about who I am. The images I capture allow me to interact with people, whom under any other circumstance, I may not be able to engage. I use the barrel of my lens to continue deeper down my own path of discovery, to forge new relationships and to frame stories. It is both my pursuit of self-expression and my God-given passion to add value to the lives of others.”

Ross Oscar Knight - InHisMomentBook
Inside Information

Knight shared some of the questions and requests received from past grooms. You may not believe all of what he has heard. “How much are we paying you?” “Can you edge [referring to giving a shape up haircut] me up?” Mr. Knight also informed me that multiple grooms have asked for mints or gum, but to date no bride has ever made the same request. Grooms typically ask what the plan is, whereas brides often give the plan — even when that plan is being made up on the fly. Guys often say “Just make me look good.” Oscar compares that comment to the very specific direction he receives from their counterparts. Ladies have told him what angles or shots were off limits because of their perceived unflattering images. Very telling, no?

Watch this candid video with real men from Knight’s book to gain even more insight into the minds of grooms.

Searching for ways to get your dude more involved in wedding planning? Check out my tips here!

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    1. I love this! What a great idea!!! Marriage is all about compromise and partnership so the wedding day SHOULD include the groom too.

    2. I have two weddings to attend within the next three months. Where can this book be purchased? I need one for each couple. That first image is POWERFUL.

    3. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      @Shelly – Agreed!

      @Shakina – Click on In His Moment in the first paragraph of the post. It will take you directly to the e-commerce page to purchase the book. If there is a space to do so, please mention Black Bridal Bliss sent ya! ;-)

    4. Michelle says:

      Lovely video and article.

    5. Very interesting article.

    6. Cousin Mars says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed interviewing Mr. Knight. The toughest part of this Final Fridays post was determining what great info to share. I still have plenty of jewels to share from my conversation with the man behind the lens.

    7. SpikesDtr says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this glimpse into the grooms psyche. Thank you Cousin Mars.

    8. Johnny Blaze says:

      While I agree that the big day places a huge spotlight on the bride, if a groom feels like he’s just a bystander to what’s going on, he should definitely do more to get involved. It’s not like he’s required to be an after thought. I just think people should take life by the horns.

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