Tie the Knot Tuesday Special – 5 Things We Can All Learn from TTKT Couples!


Triple B’s very first Tie the Knot Tuesday couple, Cleo and Lyncoln!

BlackBridalBliss.com is officially five years old. Yes, five years old. (Our anniversary is actually April 26.) As shared on social media yesterday, thank you for your support, encouragement and especially for lighting the fire under our butts to keep the Triple B team going.

We’re commemorating this monumental anniversary in several ways (stay tuned!) but kicking things off today is a Tie the Knot Tuesday special feature. Here are five things we’ve learned — or have been reminded of — courtesy of Tie the Knot Tuesday. Enjoy the trip down memory lane!


Lynda + Alonzo

PLAY BY YOUR OWN RULES Lynda and Alonzo tied the knot in their Harlem home sans the traditional bells and whistles of a white dress, bridal party, formal seated meal, etc. To date, their Tie the Knot Tuesday feature has received the most comments. Lesson to engaged couples: Do you. Bonus lesson for us all: Lynda was a widow when she met Alonzo and had no plans to remarry. What’s for you is for you.


Love + Laughter: Lyncoln + Cleo

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE ABOUT ALL BLACK MEN Black men appearing to be happy? Smiling? Laughing? Seemingly excited about embarking on the journey of marriage with a (gasp!) Black woman? Yes; yes, yes and h*ll yes. (View Cleo + Lyncoln’s touching wedding trailer here.)


Courthouse Chic: Teryn + Cory show us how it’s done!

REMEMBER SMALL DOESN’T MEAN UNMEMORABLE Don’t believe courthouse nuptials can be chic and memorable? Atlanta couple Teryn and Cory’s sunny day will surely change your mind. View more pics here.


Triple B supports family! (And no one’s is perfect.)

EMBRACE FAMILY VALUES The Knowles-Carter clan has their share of drama just like any other family. But that didn’t stop Jay Z from suiting up and joining his wife in celebrating her sister Solange’s new union last fall. Even people that love each other sometimes fuss and fight. But they can also forgive. Here’s more on our biggest takeaways from Solange’s all-white wedding.


Sisterhood? Yes!

SUPPORT SISTERHOOD – Reality television would have us believing that Black women don’t love or like each other, never support one another, and will do anything to put the next one down — especially for two minutes of so-called fame. All the more reason why it is a sincere pleasure to showcase stories like that above which feature sisters in Detroit throwing their bride-to-be friend Shelby a heart-felt bridal shower.

As proven above, Triple B is much bigger than weddings. And in the words of the ever profound Puffy, we can’t stop and we won’t stop. Please share your favorite Tie the Knot Tuesday memory below.

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    1. Love it & love Triple B! Always showing us the possibilities. Keep up the great work Bridgete!!!

    2. Great post. I honestly didn’t realize all of these jewels were hidden between some pretty pictures and cool videos. It would be hard for one to frequent this site and still feel black love isn’t possible. This platform helps to combat the image and rhetoric that much of media attempts to have us believe.

    3. Congrats on 5 years Triple B! Thanks for paving the way for me :)

    4. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      I sincerely appreciate all the TTKT love! The best is yet to some for Triple B!

      @Anthony – It is heartwarming to read a comment such as yours from a man.

    5. SpikesDtr says:

      Happy fifth Triple B! I love everything about the site. Black Love is very much alive.

    6. Aunt Zee says:

      I haven’t visited the site recently but I am so proud of you and happy to see that things are on the move! I’m going to get back to the good foot and look every day – I guess I’m showing my age, huh?

    7. Lynda and Alonzo says:

      CONGRATULATIONS on 5 years. We are honored to be included in your journey.
      Peace and blessings.

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