Mars VS Venus Critique of a Groom’s Look

Terrence Howard on Black Bridal Bliss

Terrence Howard on Black Bridal Bliss

Mars thinks – Blue has become my favorite suit color. There are several shades of blue that fall under this “favorite” umbrella. Terrence is wearing this Louis Leeman suit really well. The tie, pocket square, and shoes match perfectly. As mentioned numerous times on Mars vs. Venus, a tailored fit is paramount for a classic look. A groom choosing to wear this look on his big day, has a shot at garnering a few double takes. YES, this look could actually stand up to the bride’s gown.

Venus thinks – Has Terrence Howard always been this distinguished looking? I think it was Empire! (Patiently waits on season two) Any who…This look screams groom perfection! It’s so much more exciting than your typical black tux and who wants to wear a black tux in this weather anyway? The dark tie and handkerchief are perfect, but can we get a lapel pin? Multi-colored or solid – either will do. This look is suggested solely for the groom.

                       Check out the Empire vs Power beef Mars and Venus have started here.

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    1. I want this. I’m waiting for season two of Empire…just thought I’d share.

    2. Ms. Pratt says:

      Classic Man. I just heard the song & that phrase is exactly what I thought about after seeing this picture.

    3. SpikesDtr says:

      I agree with Mars and Venus, especially on the lapel pin.

    4. idismith says:

      of course, (navy) blue has always been an accepted alternative to black. (consider the blue blazer, often paired with grey flannel trousers and even allowed to “dress up” casual khakis.)

      today, there are any number of choices in the field of coloration perceived as…”blue.” Men should let the occasion–or the season in which the occasion is held–determine their choice. For formal affairs, one is generally safe if he goes with a dark hue. for less formal affairs–including a summer garden party–the sky (blue?) is the limit.

      unless–of course–the host/hostess feels differently.

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