Marriage Matters Monday: Cousin Mars Presents A Father’s Day (Month) Special

A young Kathryn in daddy's hands

A young Kathryn in daddy’s hands

As a kid, every Wednesday daddy and I had a tradition. We listened to Frank Sinatra and sipped cherry slurpies while cruising down the highway. Windows down and not a care in the world. My father has and will forever be my first love. The role my father played in my life helped to shape me as a wife.

Growing up, I’d always been a daddy’s girl. It wasn’t uncommon to find me hiding behind his coat tails while he was conducting business or tucked under his arm while sitting at home watching CNN. I learned a lot from my father. I always watched him. Thankfully, his character gave me something to look up to.

I was raised on the church pew where my father pastored a medium sized congregation in Indianapolis. Ever since I could remember, my mother and father lived their lives as an example for Christ. I can recall walking into my parents room in the wee hours of the night to find them down on their knees, holding hands and praying together. Their example showed me the significance of prayer in a marriage. Their prayer life kept them together for what is now 29 years. To me, this spiritual bond is a necessity. Their walk with Christ showed me the true meaning of a “soulmate;” someone who cares for your soul and spiritual well-being.

My father has always been the spiritual leader of our house. That is a quality that I wanted in a spouse. My father taught me how to pray. As a kid, we’d pray as a family before going to school. Today, as a wife, my husband and I pray before going to work. We study our Bible together and go to church together. My father showed me the importance of faith in a marriage.

Father / Daughter BLISS

Daddy – Daughter BLISS

My father also taught me my worth. He always made me feel significant. I understood at an early age that my self-worth shouldn’t rely on my physical appearance but rather my mental strength and moral character. Because I knew that my dad loved me and cared for me, I didn’t seek the approval of other men who intended to mistreat or misuse me.  I didn’t desire negative attention. I didn’t need it. Why? Because I knew my worth. My father taught me [to value] it a long time ago.

My father lives a life of integrity. He treats my mother with respect and he values her input and ideas. I wanted a spouse who would do the same. Before getting married, I looked for a spouse who exemplified these same characteristics. I wanted someone to treat me with dignity and respect.  Today I’m blessed to say my husband is all of these things and more. He intrigues me mentally, he values my self worth and protects me just like my father. I thank God for the men in my life. They have influenced me to be a Godly woman, and a Godly wife.

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    1. I love great father/daughter stories. I don’t know if there is a bond that can compare.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Kathnyn I enjoyed your essay so much, you are so blessed. I can just imagine how proud your father is of the daughter he raised.

    3. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      Ditto to the comments from Marilyn + Anon. This was so heartwarming to read. Thanks again Cousin Mars for bringing this series to Triple B.

    4. Ms. Pratt says:

      So sweet

    5. SpikesDtr says:

      Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

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