Mars VS Venus Critique of a Groom’s Look

Thumbs up or NAH for a groom?

Thumbs up or NAH for a groom?

Mars thinks – Here is a secret – I have a thing for linen suits. This news should shock many, primarily because I rarely wear linen. This outfit gets two thumbs up from me. I think linen suits are the perfect balance of casual and semi-formal. Although I often need two attempts to properly knot, I also appreciate knit ties. Wearing this while walking the plank is recommended by me.

Venus thinks – Linen suits always make me chuckle because they remind me of my uncle. I see him in his two- piece linen suit behind the grill wearing thong sandals. (lol) However, this look actually isn’t that bad. Although I do think it was saved by the slim tie — which happens to be a favorite of mine. Linen and light colors are great for causal beach nuptials and can be worn for formal affairs as well.

                    Check out what Mars and Venus had to say last week here.

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  1. Avatar SpikesDtr says:

    This look is H-O-T !!! Totally appropriate for nuptials.

  2. ON POINT!

  3. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    I don’t think the summer has really started until I attend an event (cookout, boat party, etc.) and at least a couple of guys are wearing linen! LOL Seriously, this is an ideal look for a groom to rock on his wedding day especially if the nuptials are outdoors.

  4. Avatar Ms. Pratt says:

    I love my man in a nice linen suit. Sexy…very sexy.

  5. Avatar Anonymous says:


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