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Having gone through the wedding planning process, I know first hand how little attention a groom can receive in comparison to a bride.  Many brides have a team dedicated to helping them look their best the day they plan to jump the broom. Dudes are thought to be “ballin’ when they opt to have their barber present to give them a fresh cut just minutes before walking down the aisle. Your favorite cousin is here to help you with GROOMING THE GROOM.

Upon entering my mid-thirties, I made a conscious decision to reinvigorate my “fragrance game.” The brand that helped me throughout high school, Polo (Sport), is once again causing a few heads to turn while I ride New York’s iron horses. Polo Red Intense is one of my current favorite Polo colognes in my rotation. Although the word “Intense” appears in the name, this fragrance isn’t overwhelming at all. It starts off bold, but within a couple of hours transitions into subtle sexiness! Warning – purchase may lead to a few torn shirts. Yea, she’ll try to get your shirt off a little quicker while you’re wearing this Intense scent. Get info on where to buy here.

POLO Red Intense

POLO Red Intense

As Diddy once said, you gotta preserve your sexy. Properly caring for your face should extend way beyond preparation for the wedding pictures. This quality facial scrub should not be used daily – it literally removes/exfoliates dead skin. However, combining the use of this with a quality daily facial cleanser might lead to the Nas or Pharrell affect – those dudes don’t age. This company has been in my medicine cabinet for the past decade for a reason. Perhaps that’s the reason I’m always unsuccessful trying to get the senior discount at the movie theater. Get info on where to buy here.

Anthony Facial Scrub

Anthony Facial Scrub

Many dudes have realized some of the benefits of quality skin care. I’m not sure when most men transitioned from buying the least expensive lotion, to actually researching active ingredients in a desired moisturizer and having monthly scheduled facial appointments, but we’re here now. Shea Moisture has a great product line, but today I want to suggest recent groom’s and groom’s-to-be purchase this particular set. A trip to Morocco (the Argan mecca) several years ago allowed me to discover the many benefits of argan oil. The combination of argan oil and raw Shea Butter made this set an easy selection. This beauty set will have even the toughest dudes leaving home feeling so fresh and so clean clean. Oh yeah, realizing that I’ve never met a woman that didn’t react “favorably” to a man’s soft and rejuvenated skin best summarizes why this made the Grooming the Groom cut. Get info on where to buy here.



Please share your suggestions as well as your thoughts on my recommendations in the comment section below.

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    1. Now I know what to give my boo for his bday!

    2. Marilyn says:

      “Preserve your sexy” – classic. I love when men take care of their skin and pamper themselves.

    3. Ms. Pratt says:

      Uhhh, would it be wrong if I bought the Shea Moisture set for myself. I like soft skin too. lol

    4. Cousin Mars says:

      @Shawna – I’m glad I could help
      @Marilyn – I’m trying to tell ’em
      @Ms. Pratt – Only if you also by your dude one of the other two suggestions

    5. SpikesDtr says:

      Clean, unblemished, hydrated skin is beautiful and yes, sexy. And what woman isn’t turned on by a great smelling man. Good job, Cuz.

    6. Even if you don’t wear it everyday all males should find a cologne that works well with their natural scent (keep in mind that because it smells great on someone else you may not get same response). It should be a part of your repertoire along with a nice belt and shoes. Great read!

    7. idismith says:

      happily, the word is out: manly doesn’t mean “…lions/tigers/bears…” anymore.
      the rumor that women like men who know their way around a brawl..went out with…well, let’s just say that was a long time ago. the truth is they never liked a man who was poorly groomed. (how do you think it feels to hug and kiss a bear?)
      none of the array of fragrances (a minimum) or treatments (from a few over-the-counter products to a professional virtual rehab) are the least bit girly. they all serve to make your face/body safe for your wife/girlfriend or children/god-children/nieces to touch without having to dial 911 after a big hug.
      the array of products is a good thing (really). it will take some time and experimentation to find the best product for your skin type, but i guarantee that the time you spend on looking “approachable” will pay off handsomely. be aware that the people behind the counter get paid to help you out. if you need an excuse to walk up to them, take a good look at them first. admit it: they look good. if you can’t go that far, just look at the crowd of women surrounding them, all of them paying close attention as they seek his advice. i myself like woods or citrus tones that i change according to the season.
      visit a few counters at high-end stores and you’ll get products as well as advice.
      but don’t just carry them home. use them (before your brother, son, nephew, or wife/girlfriend do. in fact, many of the products out there are unisex.)
      just get started as soon as you can. there’s a lot of competition out there.

    8. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      Keep the comments coming, everyone! Great job, Mars. ;-)

    9. It’s often times the subtle things that make the biggest impressions.

    10. Johnny Blaze says:

      Nice read Cousin Mars. Now that I think about it, my cologne game has been slipping for the last couple of years. I’ll have to check out your recommendations for those Polo sport smells. Also, I highly recommend a facial cleanser I use about every other day. It’s Neutrogena Daily Deep Clean Facial Cleanser with salicylic acid. I’ve used it for years and it’s been great for me.

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