Actress Keke Palmer at the DOPE movie premiere in L.A.

Actress Keke Palmer at the DOPE movie premiere in L.A.

Mars thinks  Uhhh, is this Akeelah? Whoa! I like this look; it screams PARTY TIME. Partying too hard could lead to an interesting wardrobe malfunction. Worn by a wedding guest, this onesie could lead a few single guys to trade seating assignments. This jumper may not look the same when worn by members of the itty-bitty committee. I’m giving this spelling bee winner’s outfit my approval – A P P R O V A L – approval.

Venus thinks Mars, Akeelah isn’t worrying about winning the spelling-bee anymore! Her first priority is catching eyes on the red carpet and Mars that’s what single women are supposed to do at weddings — slay and Keke succeeded. The actress looks stunning in this black jumpsuit at the DOPE premiere. Jumpsuits are perfect for weddings/receptions. They are also versatile and extremely comfortable. This is a great look for guests of the bride and groom or for a bride to wear to her bridal brunch/shower or bachelorette party.

Check out what Mars and Venus had to say last week here.

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  1. Avatar Marilyn says:

    She is grown now, huh? I’m not a huge fan of the look though.

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:


  3. Avatar SpikesDtr says:

    Very cute! It would be nice in white, also. I love Keke❤️

  4. Avatar Ms. Pratt says:

    I’d wear this to a wedding – as a guest. If it were white, I would definitely wear it to my Bachelorette Party or bridal brunch.

  5. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Fly jumpsuit and Keke looks great in it but I think the wedding venue dictates whether or not this look is appropriate for a wedding. It has nothing to do with the pants but everything to do with the plunging neckline. If the ceremony is taking place in a house of worship, I don’t think it is…but if the venue is a loft or art gallery, then that’s a different story. Just my humble opinion…

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