Go Fund Me Accounts for Weddings?

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It has recently come to the attention of the Triple B team that some couples are actually establishing GoFundMe accounts to pay for their weddings. This is not including couples who are ill and/or recently experienced an unfortunate life-changing disaster like a fire or car accident. Just your regular Jane and Joe asking friends, family or even total strangers to help them pay for their nuptials (and in some cases honeymoons, too.)

Blank stare.

If you’ve been coming to BlackBridalBliss.com for any significant amount of time and have read posts like this or this, it is not secret how we feel about this type of behavior. However it is 2015 and the world — including weddings — is constantly evolving so…What say you? Please take a few seconds to complete our poll below and comment with your feelings on this phenomenon.

Do you think it is tacky for couples to establish GoFundMe accounts for their wedding day?

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    1. Ridiculous! Why would anyone think this behavior is okay? I’m also over people sending me GoFund requests for their kids to go to camp, funerals, you name it! Everybody needs to get back to living within their means. Our grandparents and their parents didn’t have this kinda stuff but they survived and were probably happier too. Why? Because they weren’t always trying to keep up with the Jones. Have the wedding YOU can afford!

    2. Wack!

    3. SpikesDtr says:

      SMH, times are changing. Whatever happened to delaying what you can’t afford? Although, if people are willing to contribute, oh well.

    4. Victoria J. says:

      Soooooo tacky!

    5. Anonymous says:


    6. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      Thanks for commenting, everyone.
      The most upsetting part of all this is that crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe and Kickstarter were created to assist with charitable efforts and those truly in need. This sorta undermines that. Oy vey.

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